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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

January 2008UWGB arboretum

Jan 31 January 2008 was a snowy month in Green Bay with measurable snowfall on 16 days and a trace recorded on 4 others. The total snowfall for the month was 28.5 inches with the snow depth on the ground reaching a maximum of 12 inches on January 26th. Temperatures for the month were slightly above average (1.4°).
Jan 30 Green Bay's low temperature was -12° F and the high temperature was only 2° F.
Jan 29

A winter storm passed through Wisconsin leaving behind 5 inches of snow in Green Bay.

The temperature fell from 36° at 1 p.m. to -12° at 7 a.m. on Jan 30. Winds were between 20 and 30 mph all night, causing considerable drifting.

Jan 26 Green Bay received another 2.8 inches of snow from yesterday and today combined.
Jan 23 The low temperature in Green Bay was -12° F.
Jan 22 The Green Bay weather station reports a local snow depth of 21 inches. Here's a view of UW-Green Bay's Cofrin Arboretum.
Jan 21 Green Bay received 2.6 iches of new snow (plus an additional 0.9 inches on the 22nd as the storm tapered off).
Jan 20

Green Bay's low temperature was -14° F, our lowest temperature since Feb 6, 2007 (also -14°). The high temperature today was +1° F.

In excess of 60,000 people braved the weather to watch the Green Bay Packers football game versus the New York Giants for the NFC championship. The temperature during the game ranged from about 0 to -4° F.

Jan 19 Green Bay's low temperature was -13° F and the high temperature for the day was -1° F!
Jan 18 Arctic air settles in and Green Bay's low temperature was -1° F and the high was 14° F.
Jan 17

Green Bay received another 4.9 inches of snow today and there was at least a trace of snow each day since January 10th. Shoveling my driveway has become a regular exercise program. Cold air pushes in behind the snow storm.

Jan 13 Green Bay received 5.3 inches of snow.
Jan 12 Green Bay received 3.0 inches of additional snow.
Jan 11 Light snow began about 10:00 pm last night and continued into the early morning today. Green Bay received a couple of inches [2.6"] total of wet, sticky snow. The temperature rose above freezing by 11 am and roads are clearing quickly.
Jan 09

The morning brought clear blue skies to Green Bay, a welcome change from the last 4 days that were mostly overcast and foggy.

The temperature remained above freezing from early on the morning of Jan 5 until this morning, Jan 9 at 7 a.m. Most snow is gone in open sites, with patches remaining where shaded, drifted or piled. Here's a view from UWGB's library looking WSW.

Significant open water can now be seen on lower Green Bay, as shown in this photo from UWGreen Bay (Taken from the Library, over the Weidner Center).

Jan 08

High of 38° and low of 34° in Green Bay. We also received another 0.89 inches of rain. Here's a photo sequence of the snow cover for Jan 2, 7 and 8 on the same site in Mahon Woods in UW-Green Bay's Cofrin Arboretum.

Fog Continues.

Jan 07

Warm weather continues, today with 0.79 inches of rain and even a little thunder and lightning in Green Bay. High: 40° and low of 35°. The snow is rapidly melting. The National Weather Service at Green Bay reported the snow depth decreased from 7 inches to 1 inch between Jan. 5 and Jan. 7.

There is thick fog throughout much of the state. There was a large scale traffic accident on interstate highway 90 east of Madison, WI today.

Tom Erdman reports that there is a significant increase in the area of open water on upper Green Bay. A few Cardinals have been tricked into singing their classic spring "whistle-up-your-dog" song.

Jan 06 Warm weather continues. It feels more like March than January. High temperature of 43° F and low of 36°. There is conspicuous fog in the Green Bay area.
Jan 05 A warm air mass moves into Wisconsin, the daily high temperature reaches 39° F.
Jan 03

The over-night low temperature in Green Bay was -3° F at about 7 am.

The current water level in Lake Michigan (576.3 feet) is about 1.1 feet lower than last year at this time and is approaching the all-time record low (576.1 feet) for this time of year.

Wisconsin DNR reports about 12-13 inches of ice on many northern Wisconsin lakes [this does not apply to flowing waters or to lakes with significant springs, gf].

Jan 02 A cold front passes through our area bringing a mass of cold arctic air. The temperature dropped 7 degrees in the hour between 7 and 8 p.m. and had fallen to +3° F by midnight.
Jan 01

The year begins in Green Bay with a little new snow (0.2 inches) on top of the 7 inch base and a high temperature of 23° F. Last year on this date we were in the midst of a warm period with a high temperature of 44° F, no snow cover and no ice on Green Bay.

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