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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

February 2008 UW-Green Bay

Feb 29

Green Bay set a new record for total February snowfall. The exact total will be available tomorrow when the National weather Service reports the daily total for today.

Feb 28 After the long winter there is a tendency to think that spring arrives in March, but in northern Wisconsin we generally settle for just getting rid of the permanent snow cover. Spring will have to wait. Here is a series of 3 photos showing the developments on UWGB's Prairie Pond from March 6th through March 27th last year. You will note that there was still a little ice on the back edge of the pond on March 27.
Feb 27 Snow depth remains at about 15 inches in Green Bay, 17 inches in Rhinelander. Marquette Michigan on Lake Superior reports 25 inches of snow cover. Madison in SW Wisconsin reports 13 inches. There are concerns that a rapid melting of the snow could cause serious flooding.
Feb 25

Today's high temperature of 36° F is the first above freezing since the 17th.

Living cluster flies (Calliphoridae: Pollenia rudia) on the surface of snowpiles next to the Lab Sciences building, UWGB (Mike Draney).

Feb 23 This is the 5th consecutive day with low temperatures below zero--the "warmest" of these was -4° F. This is a difficult time of winter. With prolonged cold temperatures and a lot of snow cover many animals have a tough time getting enough food to meet their energy needs.
Feb 21 Green Bay's low temperature of -18° F is a new record low for this date (previously -14° in 1963). The temperature hasn't been above +14° since Feb. 18.
Feb 20 Sighted two beautiful rooster phesants on Bay Settlement Road crossing in to the north-east corner of Cofrin Arboretum. Myself and another driver both stopped to allow the boys to cross over. Beautiful long tailed birds taking their time on a busy street. Lucky for them they crossed with us. City of Green Bay (Dave Parsons).
Feb 19

Cold air follows the storm. Green Bay's low temperature this morning was +1 and the temperature at noon was 8° F.

Here's a comparison of a part of UWGB's prairie today versus Feb 21, 2007.

Feb 18

Green Bay received another 2.5 inches of snow. Many area schools were closed today, due to dangerous road conditions.

Green Bay's total snowfall for the winter of 2007/2008 is 73.7 inches, which is about 10 inches short of the record total of 83.7 set in 1886/1887 . The average total winter snowfall is about 32 inches.

The Green Bay snow depth is 18 inches at the National Weather Service station. That is the deepest standing snow cover in many years.

Feb 17

Green Bay received 6.6 inches of new snow in the form of a powerful winter storm. That is a record snowfall for this date. It was preceded by fressing rain/sleet which coated the streets with ice before they were covered in snow. It was followed by strong winds causing blowing and drifting and many local events were cancelled.

Feb 16 How wonderful it was to see a mature Bald Eagle circle in the urban sky. As I was driving on Saturday afternoon on the 172 exit onto Webster Ave. I watched this eagle high over the Fox River circle as I waited for the stoplite to change. Who else saw the eagle I could not say but I did and marveled at the chance to watch this great bird in the northeast Wisconsin environment. City of Green Bay (Dave Parsons).
Feb 15 Green Bay received another 0.6 inches of snow.
Feb 14

Green Bay received 5 inches of new snow.

On the UW-Green Bay campus the ground has been snow-covered since Dec 1st. That is 77 days to date. However, in all fairness, there was a brief warm period in early January that melted most (but not all) of the snow from about Jan 8-10.

Feb 13 Snow cover in Brown County has been in the range of 8-11 inches since January 17 (27 days) with a maximum of 12 inches on January 26.
Feb 10 The low temperature was -10° F in Green Bay and the high for the day was +4°.
Feb 06 There were persistent strong winds of 10-20 MPH yseterday and today with gusts today to 40 MPH,with a little new snow. Some areas of southern Wisconsin received over 20 inches of new snow with extensive drifting. Hundreds of motorists (estimates of perhaps 800 vehicles) were stranded on Highway I-90 near Madison because of the snowstorm, some for at least 11 hours.
Feb 02 Green Bay received 2.1 inches of snow
Feb 01

Wisconsin DNR reports ice thickness of 16 inches average on Lake Noquebay in Marinette County and ice thickness of 15-17 inches is common in the north. Winter sports have had a good year in northeastern Wisconsin with plenty of snow and enough cold weather.

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