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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

November 2008 Mouse-over the photo for the identities of the subject Prairie Pond

Nov 30

Green Bay received 2.8 inches of snow.

The preliminary count of deer taken during the 9 day gun hunting season ending today is 277,000.

Nov 29 After freezing on 11/21 and then opening up on 11/28, the East River in Allouez at Beaupre Street finally froze over and stayed frozen [the ice opened up later and finally refroze for good on Dec 2 gf]. The low temperature this morning was 14° F.
Nov 24 Green Bay received 2.9 inches of snow. This was the start of our continuous winter snowcover, though it got pretty thin before the next significant snow on 11/30.
Nov 22

The storm water detention pond on St. Joseph Street in Allouez finally froze over completely. It is remarkable that it was still open yesterday after the nearby East River had frozen.

This is the opening day of gun deer season in Wisconsin. Wis DNR reports 642,419 licenses sold--about 1000 more than last year.

The overnight low temperature was 9° F.

Nov 21 The East River in Allouez froze overnight. [it opened again on 11/28 and refroze 11/29]. Green Bay's low tempreature was 11° F.
Nov 18

The storm water detention pond on St. Joseph Street in Allouez is mostly frozen, but appears to be kept open in a small area by the Canada geese and a few ducks.

There is still no snow cover, as here at UWGB, but there is considerable ice forming at the edge of Green Bay.

Nov 17 Prairie Pond froze on UWGB. [and this time it stayed frozen]. Green Bay's low tempreature was 20° F.
Nov 11

Still cold, but temperatures warmed a little overnight and the center of Prairie Pond is open water now (about 9 am.) Daytime high temperature is 40° F.

Our low temperature of 24 is the lowest of the season to date in Green Bay. Goodman in NW Marinette County reported a low of 16° F.

Nov 10

Another cold night with a low of 25° F and there is a continuous (though thin) layer of ice on Prairie Pond. The photo also illustrates how low the wate level is.

Florence Wisconsin reports an inch of snow today.

Nov 09

The early morning low temperature in Green Bay was 26° F and ice is beginning to form on PrairiePond.

View of Highway I-43 bridge from Baird Creek Park.

Nov 07 The news media are reporting a major snow storm in the Dakotas with snow depth to almost 4 feet, winds gusting to over 70 mph and snow drifts reported to 20 ft! Interstate Highway 90 is closed and electrical power is out in many areas. Snow flurries on a smaller scale are predicted for our area in the next couple of days as the storm moves east.
Nov 05 Here is an example of porcupine damage to a sugar maple tree in Forest County, WI.
Nov 04

Unseasonably warm with a high temperature of 74° F in Green Bay. The mild weather has prolonged the Fall season as seen here at Prairie Pond in UW-Green Bay's Cofrin Arboretum.

This small flock of wild turkeys was seen near the East River in Allouez (Brown County).

Nov 03 A thick morning fog gave way to sunny skies over much of our area, but not on the UWGB campus near the shore of Green Bay where fog persisted most of the day.
Nov 01

A mild day and a great opportunity for a walk, as here at Brown County's Neshota County Park.

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