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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

December 2008 Mouse-over the photo for the identity of the subject white spruce, Picea glauca

Dec 31

No new snow today, but Green Bay closes out the month with a total of 45.6 inches of snow--a record amount for the month. The previous record was 36.4 inches in 1887, so we broke the record by over 9 inches of snow. There was at least a trace of snow on 21 of 31 days.

Several other Wisconsin cities also broke the December snow record. One remarkable case was Kewaunee which received 52.7 inches, exceeding the previous record of 29.5 inches in 1935 by 23 inches! Other Wisconsin cities setting new snow records for December include: Appleton, Brillion, Chilton, Clintonville, Marshfield, Oconto, Oshkosh, Peshtigo, Rosholt, Shswano, Stevens Point, Sturgeon Bay, Two Rivers, Washington Island, Waupaca and Wausau.

Daily average temperatures for Green Bay in December 2008 averaged about 6° below "normal.

Dec 30 Green Bay received another 3.3 inches of snow today.
Dec 28 2.6 inches of snow. December total is now 42.3 inches.
Dec 27 Green Bay had a high temperature of 45° F and 0.29 inches of rain. The rain and warmth dropped our standing snow depth from 19 inches to13 in one day.
Dec 26 2.5 inches of snow. Snow depth on the ground reachecd 19 inches in Green Bay.
Dec 25 1.6 inches of snow. We broke the record for snowiest December on record today as we reached 37.2 inches for the month. The old record was 36.4 inches.
Dec 24 1.9 inches of snow in Green Bay.
Dec 23

Green Bay received another 4.4 inches of snow.

Dec 22

Green Bay's low temperature of -10° F is the lowest of the season so far. The daily high temperature was only +2° F. There are large snow drifts in our area, as here along the Green Bay shore at UW-Green Bay.

Dec 21 Another 2.0 inches of snow in Green Bay. The deep snow has rendered some signs unnecessary.
Dec 20 Green Bay received another 3.4 inches of snow today--total of 27.3 inches for the month.
Dec 19

Another snow storm in Wisconsin. New snow of 5.4 inches in Green Bay and up to 12 inches farther south, followed by winds of about 15 mph and gusts to 30. Green Bay has received 23.9 inches of snow. More snow is predicted for Saturday (Dec 20th).

Photos of Green Bay city streets, snow-covered cars, UW-Green Bay campus roads and hardy bicyclists on UWGB's Circle Drive. Sales of snow shovels and snow blowers are brisk.

Dec 17

Light snow early, then clearing. Morning low temperature of +3° F and +10 by noon.

Fruits that remain over winter, such as these on a flowering crab, will be welcome food for some birds returning in the spring.

Dec 16 Green Bay had a low temperature of -6° F, a high temperature of 7° F and 1.8 inches of new snow.
Dec 15 Yesterday's warm temperatures remained in upper 30's late in the day and then fell rapidly to a low temperature this morning of -2° F.
Dec 14 A high temperature of 41° F and 0.29 inches of rain in Green Bay further reduced snow cover to about 3 inches, but there were scattered patches of exposed soil or vegetation in fields and lawns.
Dec 13 Today's high temperature of 38° F with a trace of rain reduced our snow cover about 2 inches (to 7 inches) in Green Bay.
Dec 11 Here's a view north over Green Bay from the mouth of the Fox River. The small structures visible at the horizon are navigation aids for the shipping channel.
Dec 10 The temperature fell briefly to -3° F this morning at about 7 am and has risen only to 7° F by noon. Snow depth on the ground at the National Weather Service station in Green Bay is 11 inches. Only 11 more days until winter starts ;>)
Dec 9

The winter storm continues. Blowing and drifting proceed apace. It seems futile to shovel the driveway. The National Weather Service at Green Bay reports 11 inches of snow depth at the start of the day, only 13 at the end. We have a total of 16.5 inches of snow so far in December. Our Labrador retriever is chest deep in the fluffy snow in many places.

After all was said and done, Green Bay received a total of 6.6 inches of snow from the storm beginning yesterday (3" before midnight and 3.6" after midnight). The effect was amplified locally by blowing and drifting. Among the higher amounts in eastern Wisconsin was Ripon at 11 inches and Fond du Lac at 10 inches.

Dec 8 A winter storm sweeps into Wisconsin this afternoon from the plains to the southwest, with major snowfalls expected. Green Bay only got 3 inches before midnight. This is shaping up to be a real winter. Only about 2 more weeks until the calendar agrees.
Dec 7

Green Bay received 2.3 inches of new snow. The minimum temperature for the day was -6° F in Green Bay, our lowest temperature for the winter to date.

Dec 6 A total of 1.5 inches of snow yesterday and today.
Dec 5 A low temperature of 1° F in Green Bay is the lowest of the winter to date.
Dec 3 Green Bay received 4.2 inches of new snow.
Dec 2

The overnight low temperature was 11° F in Green Bay. The East River has completely frozen over at my check point.

The preliminary reports indicate that the number of deer taken in the 2008 gun deer season ending Nov 30 was below last year's harvest. More reliable numbers should be available later today. The number of licensed hunters was 642,419.

Dec 1

Green Bay received 1.6 inches of snow after midnight for a total of 4.4 inches of snow since yesterday afternoon.

East River remains partially open at my specific checkpoint in Allouez, but much of the river is ice-covered.

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