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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

January 2009mahon woods

Jan 26 The cold winter weather continues, though we have received only a trace of snow since the 17th. The average daily temperature is almost 8 degrees F below the long-term average ("normal") for this period.
Jan 20 This is the 13th consecutive day for which temperatures have dipped below zero (F) and the long winter is taking its toll on local animals. This young red-tail hawk was feeding on a road-killed cottontail rabbit in the traffic lane and let me drive within a few meters. That is a risk-taking that would not be expected during better times, but the need to eat to generate heat and survive the hard winter has trumped its natural caution. Here is a similar note from this website in 2001.
Jan 17

Green Bay received 3.2 inches of snow today. This brings our standing snow depth to 16 inches [not reflected until tomorrow's measurements in the Weather Service data which is recorded once each day in the morning].

This is the 10th consecutive day (and 12 of the last 13) that Green Bay's low temperature was below zero. The data for the last 2 weeks is second hand, as I have been absent since Jan 4 and returned to Green Bay late today.

Jan 16 Sustained cold weather and winds creating dangerous wind chills prompted schools over much of Wisconsin to cancel school yesterday and today. Green Bay's high temperature was -2° F for both days and lows were -16° and -20° respectively.
Jan 04 I left Green Bay today for 2 weeks in Panama. You can find a short blog with a few photos in my absence from this page until Jan 18.
Jan 01

The new year dawns with 0.4 inches of snow and a low temperature of -1° F.

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