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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

November 2010 Mouse-over the photo for the identity of the subjectbig blue-stem grass  and bur oak

Nov 30

Ice cover on the East River in Allouez was partly open yesterday and fully open today. [refroze overnight by morning of Dec 1]. UW-Green Bay's Prairie Pond also lost ice cover today.

Light rain yesterday and today and the warmer daytime temperatures even lured a few earthworms out onto the street in Allouez. Probably a bad choice.

Nov 28 The overnight low temperature of 17° is the fifth consecutive day with low temperatures below 20 (19, 17, 16, 18, 17). The high temperature reached 42° however and there is some melt water and runoff on top of the East River ice cover.
Nov 27 This is the second consecutive day that the temperature did not rise above freezing in Green Bay; high of 29°.
Nov 26

The temperature fell to 16° F overnight, and the East River Iced-over during the night. [warmer weather opened the ice cover partially on Nov 29 and fully on Nov 30, and it refroze by the morning of Dec 1.]

The high temperature of 28° F is the lowest high of the season and this is the first day that we did not rise above freezing.

Nov 25 Green Bay's morning low temperature if 17° F is the lowest of the season to date.
Nov 24

The temperature fell to 19° F overnight and this morning Prairie Pond on UW-Green Bay's Cofrin Arboretum was ice-covered for the first time this Fall. The average date on which this pond freezes (and stays frozen until spring) is Nov 19, but the date has ranged from Nov. 8 to Jan. 9 (63 days) over 13 years of data. We also received 0.21 inches of rain today.

The stormwater detention pond near my home in Allouez was also iced over for the first time this morning.

Laona, 80 miles NNW from UW-Green Bay, had a low temperature of 12° F this morning.

On this date in 2008 Green Bay received 2.9 inches of snow.

Nov 23

Green Bay's low temperature was 20° F, it has been below freezing (32°) since about 1 a.m. and winds have been around 20 M.P.H. since about midnight, so the cold is having a big effect. The highest temperature of the day was 34° F. This is the first day that exposed surface soil is frozen in my neighborhood (Allouez--"metro" Green Bay area). Rivers and larger ponds are still open, but there is a little thin ice at the muddy edges and some flooded ditches and puddles were covered with thin ice this morning.

Preliminary results indicate that the number of deer registered for the first weekend of the gun deer season is significantly above last year's count.

Nov 22

Green Bay received 0.34 inches of rain today.

Nov 21 Some marsh marigold (Caltha palustris) plants reported in flower, Baird Creek, City of Green Bay (Charlie Frisk). Occasionally some plants get "tricked" by warm weather after we have had a cold period in the Fall.
Nov 20 Green Bay's low temperature of 23° F is the lowest of the season so far. Laona, 80 miles NNW had a low of 16° F.
Nov 18 A few snow flakes in the morning. The local ponds and streams are still ice-free and the ground is not yet frozen.
Nov 16 The leaves are mostly off the trees now except for the oaks which characteristically keep some dried leaves on the branches through the winter.
Nov 14 A trace of snow and a high temperature of 39° F in Green Bay, but farther west and north Minneapolis received 8 inches of snow since yesterday and far NW Wisconsin also had significant snow.
Nov 13 Green Bay had 0.31 inches of rain today; high temperature of 48° F. Rhinelander (about 110 miles NW) had 3 inches of snow.
Nov 10 A warm and mostly sunny day in Green Bay with a high temperature of 60° F. On this date in 1975 the ship Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior during one of the strongest storms ever on the Great Lakes (but see notes for Oct 26 and 27 of this year for an even stronger storm).
Nov 8 The "normal" high for today is 46° F, but Green Bay's high temperature of 64° F is not far from the record high of 69°.
Nov 6 Green Bay's low temperature of 24° F is the lowest of the season so far and the coldest temperature since March 25th (226 days). The "normal" low for Nov. 6 is 29° F .
Nov 5 Green Bay received a little snow this morning between about 9:00 and 10:00 a.m.--a dusting you might say. The temperature was at the overnight low at that time, 31° F, so it was cold enough that some of the snow persisted for an hour or so where it fell on dried oak leaves, etc. Our last snow was 180 days ago on May 8 (0.3 inches, and the snow began the night before with a total for May 7 & 8 of 1.0 inches).
Nov 2 Low temperature of 28° F and more heavy frost in Green Bay.
Nov 1

Low temperature of 29° F in Green Bay and a heavy frost. High temperature of 50. Rhinelander, about 105 miles NW had a low temperature of 21° F.

There were numerous Canada Geese on the UW-Green Bay soccer practice field this morning.

Tom Erdman reports Tundra Swans back on Green Bay's West shore as of yesterday. They pass through spring and fall in migration.

In Green Bay's long term averages, October and November are tied for the greatest amount of decrease in temperature in a month. The daily "normal" high decreases by 15 degrees in each month, from 65° F on October 1 to 35° on Nov 30. January reaches the coldest daily normal high at 23° F, but the change over the whole month is only 2 degrees (23-25).

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