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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

February 2011 Mouse-over the photo for the identity of the subject
large ice crystals, Green Bay shoreline,  Cofrin Arboretum

Feb 28 The highest temperature for the month was 47° F and the lowest was -17° in Green Bay. There was a total of 17.8 inches of snow during this month. The standing snow depth fell to1 inch during Feb 17-20, then rose to the maximum snow depth of 13 inches with the storm on Feb 20/21 and declined to 10 inches by the end of the month.
Feb 26

Green Bay received 1.8 inches of new snow.

Feb 21 Yesterday's snow storm continued into today with an additional 4.5 inches of snow, making the two day total 13.9 inches for the storm.
Feb 20 Green Bay received 9.4 inches of snow today (and continuing beyond midnight).
Feb 19 After 3 days with warm daytime high tempertures in the 40's (41, 47, 42), our snow depth has decreased to about 1 inch and there are numerous bare spots on lawns and bare fields. However, a major winter storm is approaching from the west.
Feb 17

There is a conspicuous increase in calls of the Cardinals in our neighborhood, no doubt due to the warmer temperatures (high of 47 today).

This is the first day that the temperature in Green Bay did not fall below freezing, since December 31 (48 days or almost 7 weeks).

Feb 16 There is more open water at the mouth of the Fox River now and the waterfowl (2) (3) are taking advantage of it. As usual there are many Mallards and there are Common Goldeneye farther out. A few Common Mergansers too, and the cast will change almost continuously.
Feb 15 Beginning with the warmer temperatures of the last day or two there is a conspicuous increase in the activity of gray squirrels. Here's one of their excavations to retrieve a seed cache.
Feb 14 Opossum out and about (traffic fatality), Oconto County, Town of Pensaukee (Tom Erdman).
Feb 13

Green Bay's high temperature of 41° F is the first time above freezing since January 1 (42 consecutive days). It was not a particularly cold winter, the heating degree days are about 2% below normal for the entire winter, but perhaps January was a bit more consistently cold than usual. The average monthly temperature for January was 1.7 degrees below "normal". February is about 4.7° so far, but there are very warm days ahead that should even things out.

Here's a photo of some young Bald Eagles on lower Green Bay today.

If you are getting tired of snow and ice photos, here are some lichens on a tree in the Green Bay area.

Feb 12 Wisconsin's Lake Sturgeon spearing season begins today and will continue until Feb. 27, unless one or more of the several harvest caps are met first. In case you don't live in the region, the spearing is done through the ice.
Feb 11 Green Bays low temperature was -17° F, our lowest temperature of the winter to date. It is the 4th consecutive day with the low temperature below zero.
Feb 10 Green Bay's morning low temperature was -15° F and the daytime high temperature was +7°. The temperature has not been above 11° F for 3 consecutive days.
Feb 9

A very cold night with a low temperature of -5° F and reaching a high of only 9°. The wind averaged 12 mph, creating uncomfortable chill factors.

Mahon Creek in UW-Green Bay's Cofrin Arboretum is frozen over most of its length.

Feb 3 A cold and very windy day in northern Wisconsin. Green Bay's morning low was -3° F and wind chill values were widely reported in the -20-30° + range throughout northern Wisconsin in the morning. The two previous days also were very windy.
Feb 1

A very large winter storm is crossing the U.S.A. today, with up to 30 inches of snow possible for the Chicago area [actual total about 24 inches, gf Feb 2] and as many as 30 states affected from Oklahoma to the Great Lakes and sweeping east toward the Atlantic coast. The storm system reaches all the way to New Orleans, though it delivers rain there rather than snow. If you connect to one of the national weather map loops, such as it is a spectacular sight.

We expect minor snow here as the storm passes to the south. [received 0.8 inches on Feb. 1 as tail-end of Jan 31 snows]

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