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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

July 2012 Mouse-over the photo for the identity of the subject
caterpillar of Eumorpa pandorus

July 26
Here's part 2 of yesterday's entry. The caterpillar that was feeding on the Virginia Creeper plant now has another insect (Hemipteran) feeding on it. I'm told that the hemipteran is generally a feeder on plants, but the photo seems clear. It is probably a rare event. caterpillar and parasite caterpillar
After yesterday's high temperature of 91° F, Green Bay has now had 23 days of 90° or above this summer. That is in 4th place all time. One more day of 90 will tie the 3rd place record set in 1931. And second place is only one more day (25).  
July 25
The adjacent photo is of a caterpillar of a Sphinx Moth, Eumorpha pandorus, found on the UW-Green Bay campus this morning by Tom Erdman. This one was feeding on Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus vitacea), and they also feed on grapes in our area. caterpillar
July 23
Yellow flowers are very prominent in the prairie plantings of UW-Green Bays Cofrin Arboretum.
yellow coneflower
compass plant
forest sunflower (Helianthus decapetalus)
yellow coneflower (Ratibida pinnata)
rosinweed (Silphium integrifolium)
compass plant (Silphium laciniatum)
July 19 Between yesterday and today Green Bay received another 1.89 inches of rain. Today's high temperature was 72° F.
July 17 It appears our overnight low temperature was 79° F between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. Now it's 90° with a dew point of 73 at noon. Many plants (and some people) are wilting. The temperature eventually reached 91°. Rain later in the day delivered1.39 inches of much-needed rain to Green Bay.
July 16

Hot weather continues. Green Bay's temperature exceeded 90° F before 11 a.m and is at 98° a few minutes before 4:00 p.m.

Some tree in Green Bay, including Tilia american, Fraxinus pennsylvanica and Juglans nigra are conspicuously aborting many fruits, probably due to the very dry conditions.

July 15

Green Bay high temperature 94° F.

The whole country is generally hot. A report a few days ago stated that about 80% of the U.S.A. was calssified as Drought" or "Dry". After a very warm winter, Green Bay's monthly average temperatures have been 6.1 ° F above average in May, 5.8° above average in June and 8.3° above average so far in July.

July 14 Green Bay high temperature 90° F. Low temperature 70.
July 13 Green Bay high temperature 92° F.
July 12 Green Bay high temperature 90° F.
July 11
Monkey flower (Mimulus ringens) in flower. monkey flower
July 10
Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) in flower. skullcap
July 8 I missed the start, but yellow coneflower (Ratibida pinnata) is in flower and probably started about July 4.
July 5 Green Bay's high temperature was 99° F.
July 1-7

I was out of town, but it is worth noting that Green Bay's temperature reached 90° F or greater each of the first 6 days of July, and going back to June, the temperature reached 90° F 9 out of 10 consecutive days. So far there have been 14 days of 90 or above this summer. Some years we have no days above 90.

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