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seasons in the arboretum.
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Phenology Archive: 2000-2015

by Gary Fewless, Herbarium Curator

Phenology is the study of the timing of natural events. Common examples include the date that migrating birds return, the first flower dates for plants, and the date on which a lake freezes in the autumn or opens in the spring. Phenological records help alert us about the events of nature and provide interesting comparisons between years and among different geographic regions. If recorded carefully and consistently, these records also have scientific value for understanding the interactions between organisms and their environment and for assessing the impacts of climate change.

Botanist Gary Fewless posted phenological observations made by himself and citizen scientists volunteers from when we started the Biodiversity website until 2015, a year after his retirement. Most of the observations in this archive are from the UWGB campus, City of Green Bay, surrounding communities, or the other UWGB natural areas in Door, Forest, and Manitowoc counties.

We are no longer updating our phenology pages, but you can use the data to compare your observations to the archive records.

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