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Phlogiotis helvelloides growing on the base of a tree.
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Biodiversity of Macrofungi in Northern Door County, WI

Habitat Types in Door County

Northern Door County is dominated by loamy or silty soils and in some areas, sands that overlay the dolomite bedrock. Forest type and cover is heavily influenced by depth, organic matter and drainage. Soil depth is especially shallow (less than 18 inches) in many areas limiting the types of trees.

Much of the loamy soils in the interior of the county were cleared and planted to orchards in the early 20th century, many of which have been abandoned and are succeeding to old field and forest. Other open habitats include wetlands, and cleared forest areas.

Most of the interior forest cover is secondary growth dominated by sugar maple, beech, and ash mixed with white ash, hemlock, birch and aspen in some areas. White cedar is well adapted to the shallow alkaline soils and is found in both upland as well as lowland areas often mixed with deciduous or coniferous species. Lowland forests vary between cedar and black ash dominated stands to almost pure stands of black and green ash depending on drainage and alkalinity. Spruce, pine, and white cedar plantations were planted on abandoned orchards and fields in some areas. The peninsula’s unique coastline and cool and moist conditions support the growth of species typically found in boreal forests, including spruce, cedar, and balsam fir.

Click on each photograph to see a larger image and a detailed species description.

Macrofungi of Conifer Forests

Growing on soil or leaf litter

Amanita citrina . Amanita frostiana Cantharellula umbonata Cystoderma amianthinum Cystoderma fallax
Tricholoma terreum Tricholoma vaccinum Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca Agaricus haemorrhoidarius Tylopilus felleus.
Boletus rubinellus Suillus pictus Lycoperdon perlatum Phlogiotis helvelloides Pseudohydnum gelatinosum
Clitocybe gibba var. maxima. Cortinarius cinnamomeus. Crinipellis campanella. Hebeloma mesophaeum. Hygrophorus fuscoalbus. Gomphidius glutinosus.
Mycena capillaris. Mycena subcana. Otidea auricula. Agaricus cretacellus. Hygrocybe marginata.
Russula xerampelina. Suillus americanus.

Growing on dead and decaying wood

Collybia acervata Marasmius androsaceus Mycena alcalina Mycena atroalboides Tricholomopsis sulfureoides Xeromphalina campanella
Cantharellus tubaeformis Fomitopsis pinacola Ganoderma tsugae Gloeophyllum sepiarium Phaeolus schweinitzii
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum Dacrymyces palmatus Pseudoplectania nigrella Tylopilus felleus Gymnopilus liquiritiae.

Macrofungi of Deciduous Forest

Growing on soil or leaf litter

Gyromitra fastigiata Morchella esculenta

Growing on dead and decaying wood

Pholiota squarrosoides Coprinus micaceus Bjerkandera adusta Fomes fomentarius Piptoporus betulinus Cyptotrama asprata. Daldinia concentrica
Polyporus brumalis Lycoperdon pyriforme Gyromitra fastigiata Pholiota aurivella Ramaria stricta.
Morchella esculenta

Macrofungi of Mixed Deciduous and Conifer Forest

Growing on soil or leaf litter

Amanita fulva Amanita virosa Hygrocybe autoconica Hygrocybe cantharellus Hygrocybe conica Hygrocybe psittacina Clavariadelphus truncatus.
Lactarius camphoratus Lactarius deliciosus Lactarius uvidus Lactarius vinaceorufescens Clitocybe clavipes . Clitocybe nuda Clavulina cinerea.
Laccaria laccata Mycena pura Cortinarius alboviolaceus Hygrocybe miniata Dentinum repandum
Lycoperdon marginatum Helvella crispa Hygrophorus eburneus Rozites caperata Gyromitra esculenta
Clitocybe gigantea Thelephora terrestris Collybia butyracea Gyromitra fastigiata Mycena capillaris.
Entoloma lividum. Inocybe cookei. Lyophyllum decastes. Merulius tremellosus.
Russula brevipes. Russula lutea.

Growing on wood

Asterophora lycoperdoides Laetiporus sulphureus Phlebia radiata Gyromitra infula Peziza repanda
Bisporella citrina Microglossum rufum Apiosporina morbosa Lycogala epidendron Ionotus tomentosus.
Trametes hirsuta.

Macrofungi of Open Fields and Wetlands

Marasmius oreades Morchella esculenta Hygrocybe miniata