Thank you for your interest in the Phoenix Rental Program. Please read the following information on the rental program's policies and procedures. If at any time you have a question, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-321-UWGB or 920-465-2323.

All rental materials must be returned to The Phoenix Bookstore by the specified rental due date. This date is typically on or around the last day of finals. If materials are not returned by this dealine, the following fines may be assessed:

· $1.00 charge per book, per day, after the return date.

· Two weeks following the final return date, a $15.00 processing fee will be charged in addition to the full retail price of the item. We cannot accept rental items after the two week period.

· If you drop a class, please return the rental materials within one week of the drop date. If materials are not returned by this date, a $5.00 processing fine will be assessed as well as a $1.00 charge per book per business day.

· Rental items must be returned in resalable condition.  The Phoenix Bookstore cannot accept rental materials that have partial or full removal of front or back covers, moisture or binding damage, or excessive wear.  The Phoenix Bookstore staff will be the final determinate in cases of resalability. 

· Barcodes must remain on all materials. If rental items are returned with a barcode removed, you will be assessed a $25.00 replacement fine.

· If you receive an incomplete in a course and need to keep the rental item longer than the last day of finals week, we will need a written confirmation from your instructor a week prior to the last week of classes.  Authorization of the incomplete and the intended  completion date must be included with the written confirmation.  Please do not hesitate to contact The Phoenix Bookstore staff if you have any concerns.

· Failure to pay the assessed fees will result in a hold on your student records until the amount is paid.  Please contact us if you are having difficulty in paying assessed fees.

· If you wish to purchase your rental items at the end of the semester, please contact The Phoenix Bookstore for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can I write or highlight in the rental textbook?

A: Minimal highlighting and marking are allowed, but if marks are excessive The Phoenix Bookstore will charge you the replacement cost of the rental item.

Q: May I sell back rented books during textbook buyback?

A: No. Rentals can be returned in the same transaction as buyback, but please note that you will not receive any money for returning a rental.

Q: Is it more cost effective for me to rent a book or purchase it and sell it back during textbook buyback?

A: Renting provides lower initial cost for you as a student; however, in some cases it may be more cost effective to purchase a used textbook and sell it back at buyback.  More information about buyback can be found here.  

Q: Can I turn my rental item in early if my class ends or the book is no longer needed?

A: Yes.  Rental items can be returned to The Phoenix Bookstore anytime during our normal business hours.