Syllabus COMP SCI 201
Introduction to Computing and Internet Technologies
Spring 2016

Instructor: Peter Breznay Location: Computer Science Lab (GAC 1129J)
Office Hours:  MW 4:30-5:30 pm TR 3:00-4:00 pmOffice: MAC C308
  and by appointmentPhone: 465-2170


J. Duckett, Beginning Web Programming with HTML, XHTML and CSS, 2nd Edition, Wrox 2014

Th. Crews and Ch. Murphy,A Guide to Working with Visual Logic, Course Technology 2009


Internet Technologies: W3Schools Main Page - best site to learn all Internet-related technologies
Internet Tutorial: Tizag - good tutorials for details
IP Addresses and Domains: ICANN Homepage
HTML Standards: W3C Homepage
HTML Validation: HTML validation upload page
HTML Tags and Attributes: HTML Tag Reference
HTML Tutorial: Getting Started with HTML
Cascading Style Sheets: W3C CSS Reference
JavaScript Reference: JavaScript References
VBScript Reference: Soft Lookup VBScript Reference
ASP Reference: Four Guys From Rolla

HTML Editors: we are going to use Microsoft Web Expression in class. Here are some free editors that you can obtain:

Expression Web Version 1.0 by Microsoft
Portable NVU Version 1.0 by
  Portable Apps Suite Version 1.0 by
  Visual Web Developer Express Version 1.0 by Microsoft
Webmaster Version 2.1 by HTML-Helper, Inc.

Topic Learning Outcome
1 The basic concepts behind computers and computing, the Internet and the World Wide Web.
2 HTML Editors. Microsoft Web Expression and Visual Web Developer. Creating a first Web Page.
3Basic HTML tags, HTML Images, Links, Lists and Tables. HTML Tag Reference. Color Codes.
4 Web Page Design and Layout. Forms, Frames and Maps.
5 The elements of using styles and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
6 Introduction to Programming. Programming Languages and JavaScript. Syntax errors and logic errors. Debugging a program.
7 Basic I/O in JavaScript. Browser Objects Structure and the DOM.
8 Visual Controls and GUI elements. Designing a Graphical User Interface.
9 Using Visual Logic to express program structure. Interaction with XHTML Forms.
10 Logic Expressions and Conditional statements. Selection controls: Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Pop-up Menus.
11 Repetition Structures. Loops and Arrays. Iterating through and Array. Objects and Variables.
12 Functions and Parameters. Passing and receiving parameter values.
13 Strings and String operations. Dates and Date Objects.

Grading Policy: Homeworks 50%, Midterm 20%, Final 30%


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