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Information for Financial Aid Recipients

The Financial Aid office awards aid. If you have questions about your award, contact the Financial Aid office: 920-465-2075. The Financial Aid website has links and information regarding your Financial Aid.

UW-Green Bay's Financial Aid Website

The Bursar's office will disburse your refund (overage) check. Refund Checks will be available at the Cashier window the first day of class, with a photo id. You do not need to stand in line for your refund check. You can choose to have all refunds sent directly to your checking or savings account by selecting ELECTRONIC REFUNDS from the drop-down menu in the Finances section of your SIS. You will receive an email notificaiton to your UWGB email account every time a refund is sent to your bank account.

If you have completed all the disbursement prerequisites, i.e. entrance counseling, Master Promissory Note, your Financial Aid should automatically post to your student account by the first day of class.

It is the responsibility of the student to check their SIS account the first week of class and if anticipated aid has not posted to their account, contact Student Billing or Financial Aid immediately.

Scholarship Information
Some scholarship and alternative loans come to the Student Billing office in the form of paper checks that may need to be endorsed by the student before we can apply them to the student account. You will be notified via email, to your campus email address, if a signature is needed.

If you receive a scholarship check, you can expedite the disbursement process by endorsing it and mailing it to the Bursar's office as soon as you receive it.

Dropping Credits or Withdrawing after Aid has been applied
Your Financial Aid is partially determined by your full-time status. If you drop below full-time or withdraw, your Financial Aid may be recalculated and if you received a refund check you may then owe tuition.

Please check your SIS account on a regular basis to ensure all charges are paid prior to the due date so late fees are not charged.