Tuition Surcharge Waiver Form

Directions: This form should be completed by the student seeking a tuition surcharge waiver due to the accumulation of 165 or more degree credits.  The student is also responsible for obtaining all required signatures as indicated below.

Policy:  Starting in the fall of 2004, all resident undergraduate students who have accumulated 165 credits (or 30 credits more than required by their degree programs, whichever is greater) will be charged a surcharge, equal to 100 percent of the regular resident tuition, on credits beyond that level.

This policy applies to all resident undergraduate students pursuing their first baccalaureate degree, including students simultaneously pursuing a double degree or double major.
   All US System earned credits and WTCS  transfer credits accepted toward a degree are included in this policy.  Exemptions:  Credits transferred from institutions other than UWS and WTCS, as well as other types of credit or coursework for which credit may be awarded (such as advanced placement, retroactive credits, credits by examination, remedial credits, etc.) are not included in the credit  limit.  Undergraduate special students, students pursuing post baccalaureate certification or licensure and Minnesota reciprocity students are not subject to the credit limit.  

Student Name: ______________________________  Student No. ________________

 Major(s)/Degree Program: ________________________________________________

 Number of Degree Credits Earned to Date: ________

 Anticipated Graduation Date: _________

 Reason for Requesting Surcharge Waiver (Use additional page if necessary.):





Required Signatures:

 Major Advisor: __________________________________  Approve? (Yes or No) _____

 Program Chair: _________________________________  Approve? (Yes or No)  _____

 Academic Program Dean: ________________________________________   Approve? (Yes or No) _____

 The completed form should be sent by the Academic Program Deanís Office to the Registrarís Office.


Approved by Provost January 21, 2004