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UW-Green Bay Payment Plan Calculator

Instructions: A $25 Membership Fee will be charged with the first installment in each semester that you choose to use the Payment Plan. A Late Fee of $10 will be assessed for each installment not paid by the due date. Only current term charges are eligible for the Payment Plan. After the down payment due date below, do not use this form. Contact Student Billing at (920) 465-2224 or email

     • Access the student account (SIS) to complete this worksheet.
     • In the "Finances" section, select "Account Inquiry" and use the "Activity" tab.
     • In the "View By" box, leave the default date range as is (it encompasses a ten year period).
     • Click on the dropdown to select the current term.
     • Select "View All" on the "Transactions" bar to ensure that you are viewing all activity.

Student Name*
Calculation Date:
Campus ID#*
IMPORTANT - Make sure to enter an amount or leave "0" in each field.
 - TAB THROUGH THE FIELDS. Do not press "Enter".
Segregated Fees
Total Tuition
(include all types, Res, Non Res, WI/MN, etc.)
Total Course Fees
Housing Rent
Dining Plan
Phoenix Bookstore
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Pass Points
Other Charges
(i.e. Focus Fee, Math Testing Fee, Senior Fee, etc.)
Total Charges:
Enter Waivers from the "Payments" column of the "Activity" tab. If you do not have any Waivers, enter "0" :
Total Net Amount (must be greater than $200 to use the Payment Plan):
Enter payments already made or anticipated financial aid which can be used as your down payment - check your SIS Account to make sure aid applies as a payment before the Down Payment Due Date below. Enter 0 if your aid will not arrive by that date.
Down Payment: 
First Installment + $25 Fee: 
Second Installment: 
* Always check the SIS "Charges Due" page before making payments to ensure that nothing has changed.

If you have paid the down payment on or before the due date, you will automatically be put on the Payment Plan on 01/30/2017 at 4:30 p.m. Central

√ MAIL THE DOWN PAYMENT TO: Bursar, UW-Green Bay, 2420 Nicolet Dr., Green Bay, WI 54311-7001 (be sure to include your student ID number on mailed payments)