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Austin E. Cofrin School of Business

Finance Emphasis

Why finance?

In business, finance professionals address questions like: What's the best way for our firm to invest? Should our firm borrow more money—or should we sell shares of common stock? On a personal level, finance addresses questions like: How should I invest my savings? How risky is the stock market compared to the bond market? Our finance classes prepare you to grapple with such questions.

What value will I get from the finance emphasis?

In finance, you'll learn to make financial decisions—but to make those decisions with a thorough understanding of the entire business enterprise. You'll take our first class in the emphasis, Corporation Finance, only after completing introductory accounting. And you'll be building a "core" of other business classes—in accounting, law, management, and marketing—to develop the breadth of knowledge that is essential to good financial decision-making.

Finance emphasis students can tailor their upper-level finance classes, based on their specific career interests. For example, if you're aiming for a finance career with a major corporation, you'll no doubt take our Advanced Corporation Finance and International Financial Management classes. If securities brokerage or the investment company business is your special interest, then our Principles of Investments and Derivatives classes are likely choices. And if your goal is a career in commercial banking or insurance, then you'll want to take Financial Markets & Institutions, followed by our Bank Administration or Risk Management & Insurance classes.

Students in our finance emphasis are developing special expertise in finance. But our educational emphasis - for all business administration majors - is on successful company - wide decisions.

Who are the finance faculty?

Our finance professors come from a varied background in business experience as well as academic preparation.

What courses will I need to take?

We offer finance courses in corporation finance, investments, financial markets & institutions, international finance, bank administration, risk management & insurance, and real estate.


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