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Austin E. Cofrin School of Business

Marketing Emphasis

Why marketing?

Whether you want to do marketing for large or small organizations or becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business, then our marketing courses would be of immense value to you. Marketing courses can prepare you for a career in the fields of retailing, sales, marketing research and services marketing.

  • developing yourself
  • leading your team
  • thinking strategically
  • designing effective organizations
  • managing change

What value will I get from marketing emphasis?

We are one of the few universities in the UW system that offers an advanced undergraduate level marketing research practicum course. You gain hands-on marketing experience starting with the first course you experience. Similarly, you can gain additional marketing experience through independent studies, which will allow you to develop an area of specialization. We help you develop a competitive advantage by offering a unique approach to broaden your understanding of factors that influence marketing professionals in fields like international marketing, advertising and electronic commerce by taking additional courses such as foreign languages, communication, e-business and environmental sustainability from other UW-Green Bay academic departments. You could also get involved in our collegiate American Marketing Association as well as travel abroad to gain global experience.

Who are the marketing faculty?

Our marketing professors come from a varied background in business experience as well as academic preparation.

What courses will I need to take?

Our marketing courses are in sales management, consumer behavior, marketing management, advertising, international marketing and marketing research.


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