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Austin E. Cofrin School of Business

What’s unique about the Accounting major at UW-Green Bay?

BREADTH. Accounting students complete a Business minor which provides the student with additional diversity to their education.

GUIDANCE. Each student works with a faculty adviser to plan a program which meets the student's personal and professional goals.

INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE. Extensive opportunities are available to meet business professionals and gain practical experience. An active Accounting student organization supports these efforts and helps students to meet others with like interests. Faculty members encourage participation in the internship program, through which students learn while working in real business settings.

SUCCESS. More than 90 percent of UW-Green Bay Accounting graduates typically find employment in their chosen careers within six months of graduation.

EXCELLENCE. Alumni surveys indicate that alumni perceive the Accounting program very favorably, their program of study prepared them extremely well for their careers, the quality of the accounting faculty is "excellent," and they would definitely recommend the program to others. Also, graduates of the program do very well on professional examinations like the CPA exam.