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Austin E. Cofrin School of Business

Who should be an Accounting Major?

The following qualities are needed for students interested in Accounting: Good problem-solving skills, Ability to communicate, Ability to explain complex concepts to others, Ability to make connections among ideas- Accountants take financial statements and other financial information and help people make connections among the various items and interpret them.

There are several career paths, and they all need similar types of qualities:

  • For a career in "Auditing": You have to have a high degree of organizational skills, attention to detail, etc.
  • For a career in "Tax Preparation": You have to like to do taxes! :)
  • For a career in "Industry": An understanding of how business processes work (If you are going to work in a manufacturing environment, you need to have a sense of manufacturing processes). Willingness to work as part of a management team, and ability to "speak the language" across disciplines (You've got to work with folks from all parts of the organization and be able to communicate with them).

The Accounting graduate automatically receives a Business minor with the Accounting major. If a student wants another minor, it will be in addition to the Business minor.

Who should be an Accounting Minor?

Sometimes Business students use it as a minor. Any student who has Accounting as a minor needs to have a fairly good background in business. There are few students who combine an Accounting minor with majors other than Business . Recently, the number of students pursuing the Accounting minor has increased significantly.