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Human Resources

The latest global and national economic challenges have clearly demonstrated that human resources (HR) are a vital component of business success. Integrity, a devotion to aligning HR principles with organizational strategies, and mastery of the challenges of finding, hiring, rewarding, retaining, and developing the right people for a specific business are key components of a successful execution of the HR function in modern organizations. New legislative developments add to the challenge of achieving legal compliance and to maintain a positive and productive work environment. Demographic and generational changes require organizations to develop innovative ways to organize and reward work, and to monitor ethical standards in organizations. All of these processes increase the complexity of managing human resources. Additionally, driven by powerful changes in the business environment, organizations of all types, from start-ups to multinationals, are demanding strategic leadership from HR professionals. Therefore, it has become evident that people that make up an organization are the most important source of competitive advantage.

  • THINK SHRM. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the largest HR organization in the world connecting thousands of HR professionals and students in local, regional, and national chapters. This is your gateway to a career in HR! Become a member of SHRM here at UWGB!!! Become an active participant in shaping HR education at your university! Meet professionals, network, form bonds that will help you short and long term!
  • THINK SHRM CERTIFICATE. SHRM runs an advanced educational HR program that certifies your level of experience and knowledge. A SHRM membership will help you to get a job in HR. A SHRM certificate will get you an advanced job in HR.
  • THINK INTERNSHIP. Employers prefer graduates who already have relevant work experience. SHRM connections will help you obtain great internship opportunities!
  • THINK MOBILE. Today’s economy requires flexibility. Be willing to move to enhance your career goals.