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Austin E. Cofrin School of Business

Who should pursue a Human Resources Emphasis?

  • STRATEGY. Are you looking for a field where you can strategically influence what people work in your organization, how they contribute to the business, how they can be developed short and long term, and where you can make a difference in the corporate bottom line? Then choose HR!
  • DETAIL. Are you able, willing, and interested in paying attention to detail? Advising an employee on their benefits plan requires intricate knowledge of the details that will influence the life of that employee and his/her family! You better pay attention and explain all the details to the employee. If that’s you, choose HR!
  • PEOPLE. Are you interested and willing to help others, are eager to deal with and help solve their problems, willing to assist in the education and training of others, and you want to work with a diverse group of people? Then choose HR!