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Austin E. Cofrin School of Business

Larry McGregor

Larry McGregor

Lecturer of Management and Marketing

WH 480D
(920) 465-2353
(920) 465-2660

Larry McGregor is a lecturer in management for the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business at UW-Green Bay. He received his B.A. in Community Sciences from The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and his M.S. in Management and Organizational Behavior from Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Mr. McGregor has taught a wide variety of undergraduate classes in management, human resource management, and marketing and strategic decision analysis.

Mr. McGregor is primarily interested in using his years of senior management experience as VP-Operations, VP Operations and Sales to help students learn real life strategies and skills so they can “connect learning to life”.

Finally, Mr. McGregor works with area business and their management to be involved with our students in helping maximizing learning between our students and the business community. His work has been in the area of operations, training, and sales and marketing.