Atife Caglar
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Math Club


The Math Club at the UW-Green Bay is a volunteer-run organization for students interested in mathematics, located in ES 317. It aims to provide a beneficial social outlet for students who are interested in mathematics and nerdery in general, in addition to its many social opportunities. The club also provides informal tutoring, speakers on math-related topics, and networking on career and graduate-school opportunities and current issues in the field. The goal of the Math Club will be to have fun and "to promote math excellence throughout the university and community through tutoring, programming, and active discussion." More info? Contact Atife Caglar at

President Andrea Todd 414-587-1306 /
Vice-President Steve Uecker 920-609-3640 /
Room Manager Greg Walter 920-471-8945 /
Social Coordinator Christine DeNardis 920-860-6093 /
Supply Manager Skye Zahn 920-419-2969 /
Academic Advisor Atife Caglar 920-465-5169 /

Mathematics Faculty

Professors — Gregory J. Davis (chair), Tian-You Hu
Associate Professors — Atife Caglar, David M. Dolan, Woo Jeon, Vladimir Kurenok
Lecturers — Theresa E. Adsit, James Meyer, Gary C. Wardall


Math Tutors

If you need math tutor, contact Atife at 920-217-8966 to set you up with our fantastic undergraduate students who are willing to tutor. If you like to tutor and don't mind listing your name on the webpage, e-mail


All of the undergraduate students majoring in mathematics and other science, or students who love math at UW-Green Bay are welcome to be members.