Fox 11's coverage of Camp Lloyd

Summer camp helping kids deal with loss

Reporter: Cameron Clark

GREEN BAY - Beyond the usual sites and sounds of scavenger hunts and crafts projects at summer camp, Camp Lloyd at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is helping its campers cope with death in their families.

"We're trying to teach them not only that they're not alone but that they can be kids as well even though they're grieving," said Illene Noppe, the Director of Camp Lloyd and Professor of Human Development at UWGB.

The camp has grown from nine campers five years ago to now more than 30.

"It's really fun to be around people who know what it feels like to lose someone in your family that's really really close," said Cole Anderson, 9, who lost his father to cancer in February.

The week-long camp is named after Noppe's husband and fellow professor, Lloyd Noppe, who was eight-years-old when his father was killed in a car accident.

"They have grief counselors who are with them to process the experience. I had none of those kind of things," said Lloyd Noppe.

In addition to professional counselors there are nearly 20 trained intern counselors, known as buddies, who are all UWGB students.

"I knew I wanted to do some kind of therapy but I wasn't really sure," said Amanda Brodhagen, head student counselor for the camp. "Now that I've done Camp Lloyd, I really want to get into grief therapy."

There is a $35 fee per child for Camp Lloyd for the entire week. The program is funded largely by the university and a number of donors.