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UW-Green BaySummer Camps

2015 Middle and High School Summer Art Studio Staff

Carrie Fonder-Director

Carrie Fonder, sculptor, has a BFA from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Recently, Ms. Fonder spent 9 months living, researching, and making art in India on a Fulbright Nehru grant. She has numerous solo exhibitions and commissions to her credit. One of her sculptures, Renewal, graces the Fox River Trail in Green Bay, WI. Her work has been exhibited in a variety of locations both nationally and internationally including New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, Louisiana, and New Delhi, India. Currently Fonder is an adjunct professor at a variety of greater Detroit area schools, including the College for Creative Studies, Detroit.

Faculty Gallery

Sandra Shackelford- Guest Artist in Residence, Classroom Specialty

Summer Art Studio's retired co-director, will be working part-time this year as an artist in residence, assisting with classroom instruction. Sandra received her BFA from UW-Green Bay and continued her graduate studies in the fine arts at UW-Milwaukee. A documentary artist. Ms Shackelford's work combines heroic-scale drawings, black and white photography and excerpts from oral histories of (un)common heroes; the unsung, the unheralded. She is founder and facilitator of the healing through the fine art of mosaic traveling project, THE MEMORIAL WALL OF HOPE AND HEALING.

Ms Shackelford's artwork was used exclusively in the award winning television program, "But Names Can Hurt Forever" Her photographs also appear in "Westbound", a documentary detailing the life of a hobo historian, Adolph Vandertie. A published writer, Ms Shackelford also facilitates Women's Writing Circles and lectures on various aspects of art and culture.

Faculty Gallery

Christian AnderssonCristian Andersson - Instructor

Cristian Andersson is a recent UW-Green Bay graduate, with a double major in fine arts and graphic design. His focus at the university was in printmaking, supplemented with a number of photography courses. Prior to that he attended Columbia College in Chicago taking extensive painting and performance art courses. Much of his work deals with the concept of the evolution of the self: how life changes are dealt with and interpersonal relationships navigated.

Faculty Gallery

Ahliah BrazeauAhliah Brazeau -Instructor

Ahliah (Tess) Brazeau was raised in a family that lived by the adage: "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without".

Sometimes it was just to be frugal but often it was out of necessity. She was also taught that things didn't need to be dull or boring, or even stay the same thing. You could redecorate, recreate, or in today's lingo, "Upcycle". Seeing the potential in one thing to be useful in creating another different or better object is a way of life for her now.

Though she's dabbled, and sometimes excelled, in many different mediums, she has always returned to a needle, thread, and fabric as a base to express what she sees inside her head. She looks beyond the three dimensional form, in people as well as objects, to see the potential often unseen by others. Then uses primarily textile manipulation and mixed media to bring it forward, to show the world her vision of possibility.

Because of her heritage (Ojibwa) she's also developed the belief in looking forward and doing her best to ensure the next seven generations are taken care of. She uses objects purchased from thrift stores, friends, family or even things that catch her eye while just passing by. To the best of her ability she uses green alternatives in all of her art.

Kathy HackbarthKathy Hackbarth-Instructor

Kathy Hackbarth has been an art teacher in the Green Bay School System for many years. Fifteen years ago she started a small company called "Books That Bind" and has been creating fine art hand-made books and journals ever since. Ms Hackbarth also teaches in several studio workshops across Wisconsin and has offered her expertise for our Summer Art Studio program.

"The books I create have to feel right when I hold them," she explained. "Each one is different in size, color, and texture... I never make the same book twice. You can never make a mistake in creating a book... Your book will be YOUR book... as creative as you want it to be."

Faculty Gallery

Dean Hoegger-Instructor

Ceramics instructor, Dean Hoegger, loves to say, "Yes!" He understands the therapeutic value of working with clay and encourages his students to explore this medium while discovering their creative talents.  He fully supports the exploratory ideas of his students and mentors their independence, helping them find new ways to grow as artists.  "Yes" will also become your favorite word after you've worked with this gifted and giving instructor.
Hoegger brings many significant experiences to his Summer Art Studio classes.  As a professional artist, he has exhibited throughout the Midwest since 1976.  His recent clay work ranges from wheel-thrown porcelain vessels to hand-built Raku sculpture.  At times, he gears up his studio for creating large, wheel thrown floor-sized vessels.  Beside exhibiting his work in local art galleries, Hoegger is a yearly participant in the downtown Green Bay arts festival, Art Street.  Hoegger not only is a part-time teacher in the Sturgeon Bay School System, but he also holds weekly pottery classes and weekend workshops for high school students and adults.

Faculty Gallery

Ryan Bartel - Instructor

Ryan Bartel is a recent UW-Green Bay graduate and is currently a Kindergarten teacher. He has a double major in Art and Education from UW-Green Bay. Although he dabbled in many different types of media, his main focus during his time there was metals and jewelry. Ryan is well versed in metalworking techniques and is a very technical metals artist. The bulk of his work thus far has dealt with technical pieces that involve mechanisms and bio-mechanical parts. His work details the way people perceive insects and how insects can be transformed into beautiful and symmetrical pieces and wearable artwork.

Tricia Matthew - Instructor

Watercolor artist and Presbyterian minister, Tricia Matthew, fell in love with watercolor while attending a workshop entitled, "Art as Doorway to the Sacret" where she connected with an inner creative spirit longing to find expression in her life. She has studied with many watercolor artists and her work has been exhibited throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Tricia has been teaching watercolor for 13 years and also facilitates workshops in art and spirituality and dream exploration. She lives in Green Bay with her husband Keith and two mischievous cats!

Danica Oudeans- Instructor

Danica Oudeans is a Wisconsin native receiving her B.A. in Studio Art from UW-Green Bay and her M.F.A. in painting from Miami University of Ohio. ┬áDanica’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the country and is known for abstracting sensory experience into complex beautiful painted and drawn surfaces. Her exhibition Intimate Spaces was recently on display at the Westminster College Art Gallery in New Wilmington Pennsylvania. ┬áThe sculptural paintings presented in Intimate Spaces demonstrate innovative and symbolic uses of materials to talk about the intersection of public and private experience. Danica has many years of teaching experience and enjoys instructing artists of all levels from beginning to professional. She has been honored with two Kaplan Awards for her excellence in instruction while teaching for the University of Wisconsin Colleges.

Lindsey PrzybylskiLindsey Przybylski - Instructor

Our Photography in Black and White instructor Lindsey Przybylski received her BA from UW-Green Bay. Her area of emphasis is in Photography and Graphic Design. Lindsey won the Academic Deans Award at this year’s Lawton Gallery Student Juried Show at UW-Green Bay for her photograph A Silhouette of Emotion: A Series. She has had a lifelong passion for photography. This summer she is looking forward to sharing that passion and all of her knowledge of photography with her students. This year will mark her fourth year with the Summer Art Studio.

Faculty Gallery

Judy SarasinJudy Sarasin - Instructor

A native of the Green Bay area, Judy received her bachelor’s degree from UW-Green Bay and also a masters degree in education from UWGB. Judy has spent many years of teaching art in the public schools. She hopes to utilize her vast knowledge, experience, and passion to provide that special opportunity for students to develop artistic skills and creativity.



Tom Wallestad - Instructor

Tom Wallestad earned his BA from UW-Green Bay and his MFA in Computer Graphics from Syracuse University. He has taught and created cartoon illustrations and animations in multiple media for many years. His artwork explores interactive interpretations of the visual traits and narrative structures particular to the comic book medium. He investigates perceptions of suggested space and reality forming his own unique narratives.


Johanna Winters- Instructor

Johanna Winters is a printmaker, illustrator, and educator from Minneapolis. A graduate of UW-Green Bay in Studio Art, she was recently the Education Manager at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis, and an Associate Lecturer in Printmaking at UW-Green Bay. Johanna has taught printmaking classes and workshops to students of all ages, and is ever eager to share her fascination with this traditional art form. Johanna’s prints playfully contemplate her experiences living in the suburban American Midwest. Some of her recent influences come from the comics and cartoons of her childhood (including Gary Larson’s The Far Side and Nickelodeon’s Ren and Stimpy) and early Northern Renaissance paintings. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently in a two-person show at Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri.