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UW-Green Bay Summer Camps:Grandparents' University®

Program Information


Grandparents' UniversityCost:

The program fee for the Grandparents' University is $189 per adult and child pair. Price includes instruction, activities, the Thursday night cookout, and a T-shirt. Each additional adult is $125; each additional child is $75.



You may stay at a university residence hall apartment, the night of Thursday, July 10. The cost is a flat rate fee of $60 for a 4-bedroom suite. Children must share a suite with an adult. Each suite contains four single beds. A maximum of four people are allowed per suite.



If you stay elsewhere and drive to campus each day, we will meet in the Union, and parking will be available.


Grandparents' UniversityMeals:

Whether you stay on campus or decide to purchase a "meals only" package, that rate is $25 for adults or children and includes one breakfast and two lunches at the University Union. Individual meals may also be purchased at the dining room with cash. The first night's dinner is included in the program fee.



Parking is permitted upon receiving your license plate number when you register. Paper permits will not be needed this year.



Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, until the sessions are filled. Register early to get into your first choice class. All applications must be received by July 1, 2014.



Should you need to cancel your registration in Grandparents University, you must do so 3 weeks before the camp begins in order to receive a refund (less a $10 administrative fee). Cancellations received after June 26, 2014 will not be eligible for a refund, though arrangements can be made in case of unforeseen or emergency situations.