Philosophy and History

Graduate programs at UW-Green Bay are offered in areas reflecting particular strengths of the University's academic array. Graduate programs also reflect the larger, institutional commitment to serving the needs of the region.

UW-Green Bay is one of 13 degree-granting institutions in the highly respected, tradition-rich University of Wisconsin System. The institution was founded in 1965 on an academic philosophy emphasizing hands-on problem solving and interdisciplinary learning - an approach that encourages students to examine things from many perspectives and to work effectively with those from other fields.

With approximately 6,300 undergraduate students and about 200 graduate students, the University is large enough to offer a range of programs and small enough to offer an individualized educational experience. The diverse student body includes students from every Wisconsin county, three dozen states and about that many nations. The University has roughly 180 full-time faculty members; 97 percent of tenure-track faculty members have earned a doctorate or its equivalent.