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Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Major Designed for Non-traditional Students (Bachelor of Arts)

Chair - William Laatsch

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The interdisciplinary studies major is offered through the University's adult degree program. Credits can be earned in ways that meet the needs of adult learners who, because of employment or family responsibilities, cannot attend classes scheduled during the day. Courses are delivered through individualized, structured learning. Students also can earn credits by distance learning delivery modes such as the Internet.

This major helps students gain a broad intellectual understanding of the interrelationships of learning among several areas of study including the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities. The interdisciplinary studies major prepares the student to apply this learning in his or her professional, community, and personal activities and is a suitable preparation for graduate work in a number of programs.

The interdisciplinary studies major requires that students become effective oral, written, interpersonal, and technical (computer) communicators. These are among the qualities which are expected by employers as well as graduate schools. Students in the interdisciplinary studies major also focus throughout the major on their ability to engage in various phases of problem identification, analysis, diagnosis, and solutions from a broad-based perspective. Students who complete the major report that they develop both personally and socially. They gain an awareness of self, of cultural diversity and of the world around them, which leads to development of a commitment for life-long learning.

The interdisciplinary studies major provides an opportunity to acquire or enhance a broad knowledge base along with an in-depth understanding of a specific area that is applicable to many careers. Adult learners who want to earn an accredited and respected university degree and whose work schedule or family responsibilities create scheduling conflicts with traditional day-time classes may find that the interdisciplinary studies major through this program will fit their needs.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major Requirements