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Corporate Communication

Disciplinary Minor

Professors - Clifford Abbott (linguistics), Phillip Clampitt (organizational communication, public relations), Timothy Meyer (electronic media, public relations)
Associate Professors - Jeffrey Benzow (graphic communication), Victoria Goff (chair) (print journalism, public relations)
Assistant Professor - Sarah Detweiler (photography)
Lecturer - Jeanellyn Schwarzenbach (public address, interpersonal communication)

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The corporate communication minor involves the study of corporate internal and external communication practices. Supporting classes emphasize oral, written, and visual competencies. Upper-level courses focus on the development of strategies, the management of casework, and the application of theoretical perspectives. Students completing the program have the basic knowledge and skills to address most communication issues that organizations may face.

See also the interdisciplinary major and minor of communication in this catalog.

Corporate Communications Minor Requirements
Course Descriptions