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Individual Major

Interdisciplinary Major (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science)

Adviser - Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences

An individual major is a self-designed program for students who find that their educational objectives cannot adequately be met by any of the University's existing majors. The individual major allows students to incorporate courses from several academic programs into a unique program of study intended to prepare them for employment or graduate study in a specific field of interest. In keeping with the interdisciplinary approach of the University, all individual majors must incorporate courses from several academic programs.

To develop an individual major, students meet with the Associate Dean and with a faculty adviser to discuss their educational and career objectives. Students write a proposal which includes a statement of objectives, a list of proposed courses for the major, and a rationale explaining how those courses form a coherent program of study. The proposal must be approved by the Associate Dean and faculty adviser before being submitted to the Individualized Learning Committee for final approval. Students completing an individual major must complete all University requirements for a degree, including general education, residency, and English and mathematics proficiency.

The minimum requirements for an individual major include 30 credits of upper-level credits focused on an interdisciplinary theme, and an appropriate array of supporting courses. Students should bring the proposal to the Associate Dean at the beginning of their junior year to ensure timely graduation.

Additional information and assistance in planning an individual major are available from the Office of the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences.