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Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Major Designed for
Working Adult Students
(Bachelor of Arts)

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Interdisciplinary Studies Major Requirements

The Interdisciplinary Studies major is offered through the University’s Adult Degree Program. This program is primarily a weekend and internet bachelor’s degree program designed to meet the needs of working adult students. Classes are offered on Saturdays (morning or afternoon) and on the internet. This unique structure allows students to earn their degree without forcing them to sacrifice jobs and family, and also allows them to plan study time to accommodate busy schedules.

The academic major available within this program is “Interdisciplinary Studies.” This field of study places emphasis on a liberal arts education and focuses on the coursework and the development of skills that employers demand. This major helps the student to gain a broad intellectual understanding of the interrelationships of learning among several areas of study including the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities. The Interdisciplinary Studies major prepares the student to apply this learning in his or her professional, community, and personal activities and is a suitable preparation for graduate work in a number of programs.

This major is especially valuable for working adults who are looking to advance in their current professions or to move on to new jobs or careers. With graduates working in virtually every professional sector, this bachelor’s degree program provides employers with well-rounded, experienced professionals. Broad-based liberal arts backgrounds and a focused area of emphasis make these graduates invaluable assets in the workplace.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major requires that students become effective oral, written, and interpersonal communicators. These are among the qualities expected by employers and graduate schools. Students in the Interdisciplinary Studies major also focus on their ability to engage in various phases of problem identification, analysis, diagnosis, and solutions from a broad-based perspective. Students who complete the major gain an awareness of self, of cultural diversity, and of the world around them which leads to development of a commitment for life-long learning.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major Requirements