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(Bachelor of Arts)

Associate Professors Stefan Hall, Aeron Haynie, Catherine Henze, Rebecca Meacham, Brian Sutton, Denise Sweet, Bryan Vescio (chair)

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Courses in English develop students’ understanding of important works of American, English, and world literatures, give them awareness of — and appreciation for — our literary heritage, provide them with historical and theoretical perspectives, and deepen their insight into their own experience. These courses also develop students’ ability to express their ideas orally and in writing and to conduct research. The English program also offers courses in the writing of poetry and fiction, and an emphasis in creative writing.

Students enroll in English classes for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from personal growth and enrichment to preparation for a profession or career. Graduates in English have found employment in teaching, personnel work, public relations, business management, journalism, publishing, and many other fields requiring a strong liberal arts background and communication skills.

Students majoring in English must have an interdisciplinary minor. Students often select Humanistic Studies, Design Arts, or Arts Management, but may choose Human Development, Social Change and Development, or other appropriate programs. Students majoring in English who wish to teach in the secondary public schools must minor in Education.

Students seeking information on teacher certification should contact the Education Office.

English Major Requirements
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