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Professors Gregory S. Aldrete, Harvey J. Kaye, Andrew E. Kersten, Craig A. Lockard (chair), Kim E. Nielsen
Associate Professors Mark W. Everingham, Victoria A. Goff
Assistant Professors Caroline Boswell, Clifton Ganyard, Heidi Sherman, David Voelker

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History is an essential guide not only to the past, but to the present and the future. We cannot understand ourselves or our world without understanding the past, its European and Non-Western roots. History also leads us to a greater awareness of the richness and complexity of our heritage.

A thorough training in history contributes to the foundation of a complete education and can directly prepare one for professional careers in many fields such as law, business, diplomacy, government service, journalism, teaching, and public relations, as well as graduate study. History’s rigorous intellectual discipline and its emphasis on research and analysis nourish intellectual growth and critical thinking.

The History program fully supports and complements UW-Green Bay’s mission, especially interdisciplinary and practical problem-solving. History provides information and structure to many other programs, especially in the humanities and social sciences, while receiving significant impulses from these and other disciplines. History contributes importantly to problem-solving by offering assistance in the recognition, definition, and investigation of problems, exploration of alternative solutions and guidance in their implementation.
History faculty have expertise in political, social, economic, cultural and intellectual history and an excellent record in teaching and scholarship. The University supports the History program with a good library, interlibrary loan facilities, and an exceptional collection of original documents in the Area Research Center.

Students majoring in History must select an interdisciplinary minor, which is an important part of UW-Green Bay’s academic program. For advice on appropriate interdisciplinary minors to accompany the History major, consult with faculty advisers.

Students seeking information on teacher certification should contact the Education Office.

History Major Requirements
History Minor Requirements
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