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Admission Standards

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Admission Standards

Success at the university level requires proficiency in a number of academic skills areas.  Preparation for university study is best achieved by completion of a rigorous high school program.  In order to be assured that students are prepared to successfully complete college-level work, UW-Green Bay is guided by a philosophy of personalized admission and comprehensive applicant review.

High School Coursework

Freshman applicants will typically meet or exceed the following college-preparatory unit standards:

  • English, 4 credits
  • Science, 3 credits
  • Math, 3 credits
  • Social Studies, 3 credits
  • Academic Electives*, 2 credits
  • Other Electives**, 2 credits
        Total: 17 credits

* From the areas of English, science, math, social studies, or foreign language.

** From the above areas and/or in the fine arts, computer science, business or other areas.

Please note that most freshmen exceed these standards by a significant amount.

Consideration for admission is based on a number of factors: cumulative grade point average, ACT/SAT scores, strength of college-preparatory curriculum in high school, special talent/circumstances, leadership and extra/co-curricular participation, socio-economic background, the personal statement, and other materials requested as part of the application process.

Locate your ACT composite score along the top of the chart below and your high school GPA in the column on the left.  Follow down from your ACT score, and over from your GPA, and the square that you end up in shows the percent of applicants with academic qualifications similar to yours that were admitted to UW-Green Bay for fall 2008. 

Range of High            Range of ACT Composite Score
School GPA           1 to 17     18 to 20       21 or 22       23 to 36
Under 2.75              7%             28%            62%             81%
2.75 to 2.99            9%             70%            92%             99%
3.00 to 3.24            36%           89%            96%             99%
3.25 and higher      79%           96%            99%             99%

Criteria may be guided based on enrollment targets, application volume, and institutional capacity.

Home Schooled Students
The Admissions Review Committee will consider students individually based on the same criteria used for other applicants.

GED/HSED Applicants
The Admissions Review Committee will consider students who have completed the tests for the General Education Development (GED) or the High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED). Factors considered in these decisions include:

  • review of high school coursework completed;
  • review of total GED/HSED score, plus review of individual test scores;
  • review of ACT/SAT scores.

Students with GED/HSED scores below admissible standards may be considered if additional coursework has been taken to improve ability in that area. Since a GED/HSED test may be taken only once if a passing score is earned, successful additional work may be presented as evidence of ability.

Transfer Admission Requirements

Students who have attended college after high school graduation may transfer to UW-Green Bay if the college work has been successful. Because of enrollment limitations, the University may not be able to accommodate all students who meet the minimum requirements published below. Students will be admitted directly or placed on a waiting list depending upon their academic record and time of application.

  • Transfer students should have a minimum 2.0 grade point average (4.0 scale) on at least 15 credits of transferable coursework. Students may be placed on a waiting list for transfer admission if their grade point average is between 2.0 and 2.49. (University of Wisconsin Colleges students who are transferring directly after earning an associate’s degree from the Colleges may be admitted with a grade point average between 2.0 and 2.49.)
  • Transfer students who have completed fewer than 15 transferable credits at the time of application must also meet New Freshman admission requirements.
  • Students with less than a 2.0 grade point average on transferable coursework may be considered for admission or placed on a waiting list based on a review of the comprehensive academic record and consideration of a letter of appeal provided by the applicant.

Admission to UW-Green Bay does not guarantee admission to all majors. A number of majors have competitive program admission requirements. To see if your proposed major has additional admission requirements, refer to the Programs of Study section of this catalog.