Physical Education

Including Coaching Certification

Lecturers, basic instruction program — Jane Birr, Deb Harris, John Jansen, Michael Kline, Bill Lindmark
Lecturers, certification program — Sue Beeck, Logan Flora, Emily Johnson, Mike Kulas, Mark McCartney, Bruce VandenPlas

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The physical education unit does not offer a major or minor. However, physical education credits are included in a student's grade point average and may be applied toward a degree where approved by a program or as elective credits.

Enrollment in physical education activity presumes a student's health status is appropriate for the course selected. A physical examination and the filing of a health history form with the office of Student Health Services are recommended.

Coaching Certification
The coaching certification program consists of a minimum of 17 credits to prepare students for coaching responsibilities and is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for athletic coaching preparation for the public schools of Wisconsin. Youth-sport coaches are encouraged to acquire similar training.

Students desiring certification may normally complete requirements within two academic years, but it is wise to begin coaching certification coursework early. Completion of the coaching certification program is noted on your transcript.

Some coaching certification courses are appropriate for interdisciplinary study and many students select individual courses without completing the entire program. Persons already teaching and/or coaching may take courses to expand their personal and professional background.

UW-Green Bay's coaching certification program is consistent with the recommendations of the National Council of State High School Coaches, the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport, and the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Requirements for Coaching Certification

Required Courses, 17 credits

Required, 15 credits:

EDUC 417               Philosophy of Athletics and Coaching, 2 credits
EDUC 418               Organization and Administration of Athletics, 2 credits
HUM BIOL 102        Introduction to Human Biology, 3 credits
HUM BIOL 116        First Aid and Emergency Care Procedures, 3 credits
HUM BIOL 208        Scientific Conditioning of the Athlete, 2 credits
HUM BIOL 210        Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries, 3 credits

And choose 2 credits from either Principles of Coaching or Field Experience in Coaching:

EDUC 416        Principles of Coaching, 2 credits
EDUC 419        Field Experience in Coaching, 2 credits

Course Descriptions