Professional Accounting

Certificate Program

Professor — Meir Russ
Associate Professors — Lucy Arendt, James Doering, William Lepley (chair), Steven Muzatko, Robert Nagy, David Radosevich, Peter Smith
Assistant Professors — Gaurav Bansal, Michael Knight, Young Jin Lee, James Loebl, Sampath Ranganathan, Mussie Teclezion
Instructor — Anton Lewis
Lecturers — Brent Hussin, Ken Knauf, Donald McCartney, Larry McGregor, Ann Selk


A certificate in Professional Accounting provides a cohesive course plan for students entering professional accounting careers, in particular, those seeking to meet the 150 credit hours requirement to sit for the CPA exam in the state of Wisconsin and other states. The certificate emphasizes communications, people skills and real world experience.

The certificate would be available to a student who is a declared Accounting major. In addition, an overall grade point average of 3.25 is required.

Requirements for the Certificate, 30 credits minimum

  • Declared major in Accounting and successful completion of all requirements
  • Minimum gpa of 3.25

Required course, 2 credits:

  • ACCTG 303         Seminar in Accounting Professionalism, 2 credits

Minimum of two courses, 6 credits:

  • ACCTG 413        VITA, 3 credits

  • ACCTG 497        Internship, 3 credits
  • BUS ADM 497    Internship, 3 credits

  • BUS ADM 299    Travel Course, 3 credits
  • BUS ADM 499    Travel Course, 3 credits

Choose one course, 3 credits:

  • COMM 133         Fundamentals of Public Address, 3 credits
  • COMM 166         Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication, 3 credits
  • COMM 280         Business and Professional Communication Skills, 3 credits
  • COMM 335         Organizational Communication, 3 credits

Choose one of the following, 3 credits:
(Course can not be used to fulfill upper-level management requirement for Accounting major).

  • BUS ADM 389    Organizational Behavior, 3 credits
  • BUS ADM 472    Seminar in Leadership, 3 credits
  • BUS ADM 482    Strategic Management, 3 credits
  • BUS ADM 489    Organization Theory, 3 credits

Certificate electives, 16 credits:

  • Electives should be selected in consultation with student's adviser.