Communication: Requirements for the Minor

Interdisciplinary Minor

Supporting Courses, (18 credits)

Core courses, required:

COMM 102: Introduction to Communication (3 credits)

COMM 133: Fundamentals of Public Address (3 credits)

COMM 200: Communication Problems and Research Methods (3 credits)

COMM 205: Elements of Media (3 credits)

COMM 280: Business and Media Writing (3 credits)

Choose one of these:

COMM 166: Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication (3 credits)

COMM 237: Small Group Communication (3 credits)

Upper-Level Courses, (15 credits)

Choose five courses of electives from among the upper-level courses in Communication

Internships are available for 1-12 credits but only 3 credits maximum of internship can be used to meet requirements of a minor in Communication.