Nursing: Requirements for the Major

General Education, (18 credits)

Fine Arts, (3 credits)

Humanities, (9 credits)

World Culture, (3 credits)

Ethnic Studies, (3 credits)

Social Sciences *

Natural Sciences *

Nursing Support, (minimum of 12 credits)

Written Communication, 3 credits

Therapeutic Nursing Intervention Electives 6 credits

Statistics, 3 credits

Speech *

Chemistry **

Critical Thinking Elective ***

Lower-Level Nursing *

Upper-Level Nursing, (30 credits)

Choose one of these:

NURSING 434: Nursing Research (3 credits)

NURSING 487: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice (3 credits)


NURSING 317: Health Assessment (4 credit)

NURSING 341: Theoretical Foundations (4 credits)

NURSING 437: Management and Leadership (4 credits)

NURSING 444: Community Health Nursing (3 credits)

NURSING 445: Community Health Nursing Practicum (3 credits)

NURSING 451: Synthesis for Nursing Practice (3 credits)

NURSING 492: Nursing Special Topics (2-4 credits)

* Satisfied by articulation agreements/transfer credits.

** Chemistry is required beginning September 1, 2007, if no previous college-level chemistry.

***Critical thinking elective can be satisfied by certain humanities courses such as philosophy, or taken as a separate course.

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