Psychology: Requirements for the Minor

Disciplinary Minor

Supporting Courses, (10-11 credits):


PSYCH 102: Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)

Choose one of these:

BUS ADM 216: Business Statistics (4 credits)

COMM SCI 205: Social Science Statistics (4 credits)

MATH 260: Introductory Statistics (4 credits)

Choose one of these:

COMM SCI 301: Foundations for Social Research (3 credits)

HUM DEV 302: Developmental Research Methods (4 credits)

PSYCH 300: Research Methods in Psychology (4 credits)

Upper-Level Courses, (15 credits):


A minimum of one course from each of the four groups of core courses listed under the upper-level requirements for the major, and an additional three credits from the elective courses (except PSYCH 497) or an additional course from any of the cores except the Developmental Core or HUM DEV 302.