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The Center for theAdvancement of Teaching & Learning

Instructional Development Council

The Instructional Development Council (IDC) is the UW-Green Bay committee charged with supporting faculty development in the area of teaching. Members of the IDC support workshops and other professional development activities related to pedagogy, review applications for teaching-related grant programs, review sabbatical proposals, and promote the recognition of teaching excellence on campus. The IDC also serves as an advisory body to the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL). The committee consists of eight faculty members who are appointed by the Provost. The Director of the CATL also serves in an ex-officio role.

2013-14 IDC

  • Co-Chair - Kathleen Burns, Associate Professor, Human Development, 465-2427;
  • Co-Chair - John Lyon, Associate Professor, natural and Applied Science, 465-2266;
  • Alison Staudinger, Assistant Professor, Democracy & Justice Studies, 465-2443;
  • Caroline Boswell, Assistant Professor, Humanistic Studies, 465-2409;
  • Christine Vandenhouten, Instructor, Nursing, 465-2994;
  • Mike Hencheck, Associate Professor, Human Biology, 465-2803;
  • JP Leary, Assistant Professor, First Nations Studies, 465-2037;>
  • Sampath Ranganathan, Assistant Professor, Business Administration, 465-2484;
  • Joanne Dolan (ex-officio), Instructional Design Coordinator, 465-2541;
  • Regan Gurung (ex officio), Professor, Human Development, OPID Rep, 465-5679;
  • Jennifer Lanter (ex-officio), Assiciate Professor, Human Development, CATL Director, 465-2199;