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The Center for theAdvancement of Teaching & Learning


The Consultation service is intended to provide all faculty with a process by which they can examine, reflect upon or assess their teaching. We consult with faculty from a variety of disciplines to help them develop strategies that are effective in teaching students to be successful in their courses.

Consultations are free, confidential and can include discussion on -

  • Innovative Teaching Strategies
    • Setting up experiential and community-based projects
    • Designing group work and cooperative learning
    • Incorporating instructional technology
    • 'Flipping the Classroom' (see our recent workshop on this topic
  • Student Evaluations
    • Interpreting ratings and comments
    • Using student feedback to enhance your teaching
    • Conducting mid-semester student feedback
  • Day-to-Day Concerns
    • Creating an inclusive classroom
    • Crafting more effective tests and assignments
    • Dealing with large classes
    • Creating engaging classroom discussions
  • Online Teaching
    • Course navigation and technical concerns
    • Effective course design
    • Improving student engagement within online classes
    • Maximizing the potential of online learning

Our focus is on improvement and not on evaluation of instructors for personnel decisions. We do not conduct evaluations of instructors.