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Special Topics Workshops

CATL offers timely workshops, helpful sessions, discussion groups, forums, seminars, lectures, and more for instructors at UWGB. Often, these events can stand alone, but those who attend multiple will soon see the growing culture of continuous improvement in teaching that CATL is working to cultivate.

Current & Upcoming

Racial Battle Fatigue: Shift Your Campus to Better Support Students, Faculty & Staff of Color (Webinar)

OCT 17, 2017, 2-3:30PM (RH-220) | Join colleagues from across the campus in viewing this webinar and being part of a discussion. Webinar description: Racial Battle Fatigue is a real problem for not only students at predominately white institutions, but for faculty and staff of color, as well. Watch the webinar presented by experts Dr. Kathy Obear and Dr. Tanya Williams to learn about this topic and how to help shift the culture on campus to better support racially marginalized groups and challenge racism on campus. Faculty & staff are encouraged to attend. No RSVP required. Just mark your calendar! Sponsored by the College of Health, Education & Social Welfare. If questions, contact Anna at

Collaborative Technology for Teaching "Grab-Bag"

OCT 26, 2017, 8:15-9:15AM | Explore various group collaboration tools in this hands-on session. Select a tool of choice and begin exploring it’s efficacy for your classes and personal style. Traditional e-learning collaboration tools and atypical applications are included in the grab-bag.

Leading a Travel Course

OCT 26, 2017, 9-11AM | MAC 201  Join the Office of International Education (OIE) for a presentation and discussion on how to lead a travel course (faculty-led course) at UW-Green Bay!  We will go over the basics of planning a travel course and show what resources the OIE can offer you to help plan and implement your program.  Advice from previous program leaders and examples of course syllabi and itineraries will also be provided.  We hope you can join us! Email: LUNDJ@UWGB.EDU for more information

Select Past Workshops

Teaching Religious Controversy

OCT 6, 2017, 11:00AM-12:30PM, MAC 206 | Brad Gregory, Dorothy G. Griffin Professor of Early Modern European History at Notre Dame, will facilitate a seminar for instructors and staff on teaching religion in controversial times. The seminar will meet in MAC 206 from 11am-12:30pm.  For more information or to pre-register, contact Professor Emily Ransom at This opportunity is sponsored in part by UW-Green Bay’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and the Instructional Development Council.

Collaborative Assignments Workshop

OCT 13, 2017, 8:15-9:15AM | At this meeting, we’ll workshop collaborative assignments—or ideas for an assignment—with our peers.  Whether you have an assignment that spans a single session, or an entire semester, we'll have discussion and examples that speak to best-practices for student collaboration.

Hands-on-Technology Day

AUG 30, 2017 | The Center organized a day dedicated to teaching with tools and technology Sessions included things like “Course Building in the Learning Management System (e.g. D2L),” “Gamification,” as well as the pedagogy and practice-sharing sessions from the faculty and staff members who attended the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in Victoria, British Columbia. | Learn more:

Becoming a Student-Ready University

AUG 23, 2017  | The national conversation asking "Are students college-ready?" concentrates on numerous factors that are beyond higher education's control. "Becoming a Student-Ready University" flips the college readiness conversation to provide a new perspective on creating institutional value and facilitating student success. Instead of focusing on student preparedness for college (or lack thereof), Dr. McNair asks the more pragmatic question of what are colleges and universities doing to prepare for the students who are entering their institutions? Following Convocation on August 23rd, Dr. Tia Brown McNair asked all of us to consider this question as we engaged with the specific challenges we face as an institution. | Learn more:

Gamify Your Course

APR 25, 2017 | While "Gamify" has become a buzzword, the practice itself may still be useful. When we begin to consider what a course is, we come to realize that the accumulation of "points" is, on some level, already a game. Join us while we explore the existing game-like nature of 'a course' and the many ways in which the principles of game design can work in education. Guests will work to begin developing a mini-game for (or out of) an existing or planned course. We'll conclude the workshop with a CATL Game Night! Email for more information. | Learn more:

Helping Students Be Digital Learners

MAR 10, 2017 | Our traditional students are supposed to be “digital natives.” Yet, very often this familiarity with technology is geared toward consuming digital content rather than engaging course material to learn. As a result, instructors face the challenge of teaching students “traditional” skills - such as note-taking - in a digital medium that instructors may be unsure of and students have not used for the purposes of learning. This workshop will focus on helping instructors find ways to assist students in using technology to develop skills important for learning. | Learn more: