Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning


Todd Dresser

Todd Dresser

Instructional Designer

IS 1010

I am an instructional designer in the Center for the Advancement for Teaching and Learning. I hold a PhD in history from UW-Madison. My scholarly focus lies at the intersection of technology, society, capitalism, and the environment. Out of this interest, I became concerned about the relationship between digital technologies and the values of the liberal arts. In turn, I took more training in instructional design as a means to do my part to protect the values of higher education that I hold dear and reinvigorate them for a new generation that increasingly does not recognize a distinction between online and face-to-face environments.
Please come and talk to me about any and all questions you may have regarding course design in any modality: face-to-face, online, or hybrid. I am happy to discuss best practices that I have learned so far and to also tackle the new and interesting challenges you may have.