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The Center for theAdvancement of Teaching & Learning

Teaching Strategies - Resources

Interested in learning more about Teaching Strategies?

Read through some of the materials below, or schedule an appointment to meet with a Faculty Consultant

Collaborative Learning

  • Collaborative (Web)
  • The Wisconsin Center for Education Research at UW Madison presents a thourough guide to using Collaborative and Group Learning in you classroom, including how to choose , how to assess and how to motivate groups.

  • Collaborative Learning Resources (PDF)
  • The Educause Learning Initiative presents a listing of resources including Videos, Journal Articles and Websites.

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Critical Thinking

  • Teaching Content vs. Critical Thinking (PDF)
  • A discussion on the the mythical trade-off that occurs when teaching Critical Thinking over Content. An important viewpoint that can help adjust your teaching philosophy.

  • The Critical Thinking Community (Web)
  • A comprehensive collection of resources on Critical Thinking in Higher Education from The Center for Critical Thinking, an educational non-profit organization, to promote essential change in education and society through the cultivation of fairminded critical thinking.

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  • Active Learning Strategies (Web)
  • Over 20 Active Learning Strategies from the Center for Teaching and Learning at University of Minnesota including Ice Breakers, Problem Based Learning and One Minute Papers.

  • Active Learning Overview (Web)
  • A comprehensive listing of resources for Active Learning from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

  • Active Learning Techniques (Web)
  • More techniques for Active Learning from California State University, L.A.

  • Connectivism - A Learning Theory for the Digital Age (PDF)
  • Behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism are the three broad learning theories most often utilized in the creation of instructional environments. Including technology and connection making as learning activities begins to move learning theories into a digital age. Connectivism is the integration of principles explored by chaos, network, and complexity and self-organization.

  • How People Learn (Web)
  • A good selection of resources on how people learn from the Learning Commons at DePaul University, including a section specifically for Andragogy.

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Additional Resources

  • Syllabus Journal (Web)
  • Peer-reviewed publication of course syllabi and other teaching materials

  • Teaching Perspectives Inventory (Web)
  • The Teaching Perspectives Inventory is a great way to reflect on how you learn, teach and communicate. It can be useful in examining your own teaching as well as helping clarify the teaching views of other people.

  • UWW Strategies for Teaching Large Classes (Web)
  • UW Whitewater presents 78 categorized strategies to improve teaching large classes, including methods to personalize the class, promote active learning and improve organization

  • Idea Papers - Various Topics (Web)
  • The IDEA Center is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve colleges and universities committed to improving learning, teaching, and leadership performance. The site provide research and papers that offer some useful ideas related to teaching and faculty evaluation

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Library Resources

To request a library resource, please email us or come visit the CATL.

Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover

Active Learning Approaches

  • Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom
    Bonwell, Charles C. & Eison, James A.
  • Active Learning: 101 Strategies to Teach Any Subject
    Silberman, Mel
  • Civic Engagement at the Center
    Hoy, Ariane & Meisel, Wayne
  • Collaborative Learning Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty
    Barkley, Elizabeth F.; Cross, K. Patricia & Major, Claire Howell
  • Cultivating the Learner-Centered Classroom: From Theory to Practice
    Tollefson, Kaia A. & Osborn, Monica K.
  • Discussion as a Way of Teaching 
    Brookfield, Stephen D. & Preskill, Stephen
  • 40 Inquiry Exercises for the College Biology Lab
    Johnson, A. Daniel
  • The Future of Service Learning
    Strait, Jean R.; Lima, Marybeth & Furcho, Andrew
  • Inquiry-Guided Learning, New Directions for Teaching and Learning, No.129
    Lee, Virginia S.
  • Interdisciplinary Courses and Team Teaching: New Arrangements for Learning
    Davis, James R.
  • Lecture-Free Teaching: A Learning Partnership Between Science Education & Students
    Wood, Bonnie S.
  • Peer Instruction: A User's Manual
    Mazur, Eric
  • The Power of Problem-Based Learning
    Duch, Barbara J.; Groh, Susan E. & Allen, Deborah E.
  • Promoting Active Learning: Strategies for the College Classroom
    Meyers, Chet & Jones, Thomas B.
  • Start With a Story: The Case Study Method of Teaching College Science
    Herreid, Clyde Freeman
  • Student-Active Science
    McNeal, Ann & D'Avanzo, Charlene
  • Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty
    Barkley, Elizabeth F.
  • Teaching and Learning Through Inquiry: A Guidebook for Institutions and Instructors
    Lee, Virginia S.
  • Using Simulations to Promote Learning in Higher Education
    Hertel, John Paul & Mills, Barbara
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover

Critical Thinking

  • The Complete Problem Solver
    Hayes, John R.
  • The Courage to Create
    May, Rollo
  • Creating Signification Learning Experiences
    Fink, L. Dee
  • Creative Problem Solving: Thinking Skills for a Changing World
    Lumsdaine, Edward & Lumsdaine, Monica
  • Engaging Ideas: The Professor's Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking and Active Learning in the Classroom
    Bean, John C.
  • Learning to Think Things Through: A Guide to Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum
    Nosich, Gerald M.
  • The Minature Guide to Critical Thinking - Concepts and Tools
    Paul, Richard & Elder, Linda
  • Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom
    Hooks, Bell
  • Understanding by Design
    Wiggins, Grant & McTighe, Jay

Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover

Teaching Methods / Techniques

  • Basic Interviewing Skills: A Workbook for Practitioners
    Chang, Valerie Nash & Scott, Sheryn T.
  • Beyond Bullet Points
    Atkinson, Cliff
  • Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement
    Marzano, Robert J. & Pollock, Jane E.
  • Delivering a Course: Practical Strategies for Teachers, Lecturers and Trainers
    Forsyth, Ian; Jolliffe, Alan & Stevens, David
  • Evaluating a Course: Practical Strategies for Teachers, Lecturers, & Trainers
    Forsyth, Ian; Jolliffe, Alan; Stevens, David
  • Evidence-Based Teaching, New Directions for Teaching & Learning
    Buskist, William & Groccia, James E.
  • First Order Principles for College Teachers
    Boice, Robert
  • Humor as an Instructional Defibrillator: Evidence-Based Techniques in Teaching and Assessment
    Berk, Ronald A.
  • Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice
    Weimer, Maryellen
  • Mastering the Techniques of Teaching
    Lowman, Joseph
  • The Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity
    Frodeman, Robert; Thompson Klein, Julie & Mitcham, Carl
  • A Portrait of the Student as Young Wolf: Motivating Undergraduates
    Lewes, Darby & Stiklus, Bobby
  • The Power of Questions: A Guide to Teacher & Student Research
    Falk, Beverly & Blumenreich, Megan
  • Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design & Delivery
    Reynolds, Garr
  • Strategies for Energizing Large Classes: From Small Groups to Learning Communities. New Directions for Teaching and Learning
    McGregor, Jean; Cooper, James L.; Smith, Karl A. & Robinson, Pamela
  • Successful Beginnings for College Teaching
    McGlynn, Angela Provitera
  • Teach Like a Champion
    Lemov, Doug & Atkins, Norman
  • Teaching With Classroom Response Systems; Creating an Active Learning Environment
    Bruff, Derek
  • Teaching at Its Best: A Research-Based Resource for College Instructors
    Nilson, Linda Burzotta
  • Teaching Large Classes: Tools and Strategies (Survival Skills for Scholars)
    Carbone, Elise Lynn
  • Teaching Tips: Innovations in Undergraduate Science Instruction
    Druger, Marvin; Siebert, Eleanor D.; & Crow, Linda W
  • Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers
    McKeachie, Wilbert J. & Svinicki, Marilla
  • Teaching Today's College Students
    McGlynn, Angela Provitera
  • Teaching Unprepared Students
    Gabriel, Kathleen
  • Teaching Within the Rhythms of the Semester
    Duffy, Donna Killian & Jones, Janet Wright
  • Teaching Your First College Class
    Lieberg, Carolyn
  • They Say/I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing
    Graff, Gerald & Birkenstein, Cathy
  • Tools for Teaching
    Davis, Barbara Gross
  • What's the Use of Lectures?
    Bligh, Donald
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