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Visual Syllabi

Your syllabus is the most important document in your course.
Is it still text-based? Have you updated its look lately?

Visual Syllabi are not only more aesthetic and allow your courses to be presented creatively, but can also be more engaging as UW - Green Bay Faculty have discovered.

Global Studies faculty, Jill White revised her syllabus for Cross-Cultural Human Development to include a more engaging layout, thoughtful images and a modular course calendar. You can see the images below or download the full syllabus (PDF)


Art faculty member, Jennifer Mokren recently revamped the syllabus for her Advanced Metals course. The result were not only more aesthetic, but was also more engaging as you can see from the shots below, or from the full download (PDF).

Learn more about the Visual Syllabi by visiting the following resources, or by scheduling a consolation with the CATL.