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The Center for theAdvancement of Teaching & Learning


We offer workshops throughout the year on a wide variety of topics, including Teaching Techniques, Assessment and Online Teaching. Below find the current schedule of workshops for 2014-2015. We will be updating this schedule on a regular basis, so please check back.

If you have any suggestions for a workshop topic, or would like to volunteer to offer a workshop through the CATL, please email us.

Previous Workshops

Steven VandenAvond

Understanding Anxiety via a Multicultural Perspective

On March 31, 2014, Stacie Christian led, "Understanding Anxiety via a Multicultural Perspective." Anxiety Disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, with over 19.1 million or 13.3% of the adult population diagnosed with this mental illness. This program will provide some background information on anxiety disorders and facts, and will provide insights on how differing cultural backgrounds can affect how students and employees might experience anxiety in an academic setting, around campus, and in the workplace. This session will also offer practical tips and best practices for interacting with students and co-workers who are living with an anxiety disorder. Click HERE to watch the presentation in it's entirety.

Transgender Career Development

A Transgender Career Development workshop was held on February 24, 2014. What does it mean to be “transgender”? How is that the same or different than being “intersex”? This workshop discussed the transgender umbrella, how to include transgender students in the classroom and on campus, and how much it means to communicate to someone with their preferred pronoun. Each semester, many students are arriving to campuses who are transgender. Click HERE to watch the presentation in it's entirety.

Archived Workshops

For archived worshops, click here