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Teaching Without a Textbook

Have you ever complained about textbooks? Too dense, too expensive, too much content for the course, students don't read them (maybe they don't even buy them)? This session describes the experiences of one faculty member who teaches three management courses without using a traditional textbook: Management and Organizational Behavior, Organizational Leadership, and Business Strategy. Come and find out more about the rewards and challenges of teaching without a textbook (and what students think about the experience too). The session will include sample syllabi, course design and teaching tips and a Q&A period.


Student Veterans

Our purpose is to educate faculty, staff, and students about the unique strengths and challenges facing student veterans. We hope to promote understanding about military culture; increase awareness about common psychological and physical conditions among Veterans; address faculty/staff/student concerns and provide helpful resources. A panel of student veterans will be available to tell their stories and answer questions.


Jesse Stommel on Campus

On October 13th, Jesse Stommel (@Jessifer, visited campus to talk about critical pedagogy, social media and digital assignments. Below find the recordings of the presentations, and links to supporting materials. Please use your UWGB credentials to access the recordings

Understanding Anxiety via a Multicultural Perspective

On March 31, 2014, Stacie Christian led, "Understanding Anxiety via a Multicultural Perspective." Anxiety Disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, with over 19.1 million or 13.3% of the adult population diagnosed with this mental illness. This program will provide some background information on anxiety disorders and facts, and will provide insights on how differing cultural backgrounds can affect how students and employees might experience anxiety in an academic setting, around campus, and in the workplace. This session will also offer practical tips and best practices for interacting with students and co-workers who are living with an anxiety disorder. Click here to watch the presentation in it's entirety.

Transgender Career Development

A Transgender Career Development workshop was held on February 24, 2014. What does it mean to be "transgender"? How is that the same or different than being "intersex"? This workshop discussed the transgender umbrella, how to include transgender students in the classroom and on campus, and how much it means to communicate to someone with their preferred pronoun. Each semester, many students are arriving to campuses who are transgender. Click here to watch the presentation in it's entirety.

International Panel Breakfast

On January 23rd, 2014, a panel of Professors shared their expertise with working with international students in the classroom.

Panelists and topics discussed include:

  • Christina Ortiz - Educational Backgrounds of International Students
  • Eric Shockley - Communicating with Second Language Learners
  • Dallas Blaney - Helping International Students Relate to Course Content
  • Leann Zhu - Specific Challenges for International Students in the STEM Fields
  • Katia Levintova - International Students in Global Studies

The professors gave insight into their experiences with students from different cultures and countries and oferred situational examples how to improve the students experience at UWGB.

Steven VandenAvond

Credit for Prior Learning

On January 24th, 2014, CATL and Steve VandenAvond with Outreach and Adult Access offered a workshop focused primarily on the portfolio process in credit for prior learning. Participants learned about the credit for prior learning system and the portfolio process at UW-Green Bay, reflected on the applicability of credit for prior learning options to their courses. they also received candid information about the use of credit for prior learning, and consulted with faculty and staff experts on the best way to consider credit for prior learning while maintaining academic integrity and rigor.


During the Spring semester, the CATL helped to facilitate a discussion about Massive Open Online Courses. Click on the link above for the resources referenced.

Business Online Teaching Workshop

In February the CATL facilitated a 2 day Online Teaching workshop for the Cofrin School of Business faculty. Click on the link above to find materials, links and handouts from the sessions.

David Voelker

Flipping the Classroom

On April 16th, 2012, Professors Angela Bauer-Dantoin (Biology), David Voelker (History) and Jeremy Wildenberg (Modern Languages) presented on the topic of 'Flipping the Classroom'. This is an innovative strategy that utilizes technology to 'cover' the material, allowing faculty to devote class time to discussion, active learning and building critical thinking skills.

If you missed this great workshop, check out our Flipping the Classroom resources page for the video of the presentation, plus lots more information.

Brian Sutton

Teaching Writing Effectively in Any Course

On August 24th, 2011, the CATL sponsored an afternoon workshop on "Teaching Writing Effectively in Any Course". Beginning with an introductory plenary session hosted by Brian Sutton, entitled "Helping Students Write Better: What the Research Says, What our Colleagues Say", participants could then choose from four options in three concurrent sessions

If you'd like to learn more about what was covered at this workshop, visit our Teaching Writing Effectively in Any Course resource page.