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To become a CCIHS instructor, please click here (.pdf) for more information regarding adjunct instructor approval, resume/vita guidelines, and syllabus guidelines.


Network Accounts for Instructors

All faculty and staff at UW-Green Bay who are teaching a credit course are given a campus network account. This account is used to access the Student Information System, campus email, Desire2Learn (D2L), and various library resources.

Once your network account has been established, you will receive information from the CCIHS coordinator regarding your username and password. Faculty and staff are required to change their passwords after logging in for the first time.

  • Passwords must conform to minimum password standards set by the campus

You may use the Online Password Reset if you have set up 3-5 security questions in advance. You must also provide your 9-digit Campus ID number and your birthdate.


Library Resources

You have full access to all online and printed materials through our UW-Green Bay Cofrin Library while an instructor for the CCIHS program. In addition, instructors are encouraged to bring their students for a library visit so they can receive tailored instruction on how to use library resources. Please contact the CCIHS coordinator to arrange a visit.


Entrance Criteria

Student eligibility criteria for participation in college credit courses is determined by the UW System institution in collaboration with the participating high school. Examples of such eligibility criteria include passing a proficiency exam within the content area, having earned a particular grade point average, successfully completing prerequisite courses, demonstrating exceptional talent in the content area, or submitting validation from a high school faculty member that the student is qualified to take college course work in a content area.

Students who have completed UW courses taught in their high school will be considered for admission to UW institutions based on the same criteria as other high school students.


Student Application and Registration Process and Billing

The student application and registration process is facilitated by the CCIHS coordinator in conjunction with the high schools. UW-Green Bay special student applications are done online in the spring of each year for classes starting the following fall and in fall for classes starting the following spring. An application does not obligate a student to take a course; it does allow a network account to be set up in preparation for registration.

CCIHS staff then makes a visit at the start of each course to register students. Once all students are registered, you will be contacted via email by the CCIHS coordinator to verify course enrollment .

When registration is final, an invoice for tuition and fees owed will be sent by the UW-Green Bay Student Billing Office to the appropriate school official.


Student Withdrawals

Once a student has submitted a registration form, an obligation to pay fees is in effect until such time as that obligation may be reduced by an official withdrawal or reduction of credit load. The amount refunded/fees owed is based on the length of the course and the week in which the student withdraws. Please contact the CCIHS coordinator immediately in the event a student wishes to withdraw from a course. Failure to notify the coordinator can result in an "F" grade being issued on the student’s permanent college transcript.


Entering Grades

Instructors are responsible for entering final grades into the UW-Green Bay Student Information System or sending the grades to the CCIHS coordinator. Grades are due 96 hours from the course end date. Click here for a document outlining the steps for entering your grades.

UW-Green Bay Grading Scale:

Letter Grade Text Grade Points per Credit
A Excellent 4.0
AB Very Good 3.5
B Good 3.0
BC Above Average 2.5
C Average 2.0
CD Below Average 1.5
D Poor 1.0
F Unacceptable 0.0


Network Accounts for Students

All registered students at UW-Green Bay are given a campus network account to access campus technology resources. Students will receive a letter with network account information after the start of their course. Their network account is set up at the time of application in preparation for registration.

For full details including initial username/password information, account expiration policies, and account reset, please click here.


Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are conducted online at the end of each course. Prior to the end of your course, you will receive an email from the CCIHS coordinator with your student evaluation link. Please have students fill out the online evaluation during class time to ensure 100% participation. After the evaluations are computer scored and the comments are compiled, a copy is sent to the instructor and to the corresponding UW-Green Bay department chair. Evaluations are not released to anyone else without an instructor’s permission. 


Disability Services

If you have a student with a disability and wish to discuss accommodations, please contact the CCIHS coordinator to discuss the process.


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