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Center for Public Affairs

Policy Snapshot Study

Download a pdf version of the report

Download the Executive Summary of the report

Policy Snapshot reports are objective and concise analyses of important policy issues within our community. Snapshot reports serve to educate, inform, and encourage civic discourse for our community leaders and the general public. Each snapshot report is compiled and written by the staff and student Research Scholars within the Center for Public Affairs, working with an advisory team of subject matter experts.

The first report in the series CFPA Policy Snapshot: School Choice Vouchers in Green Bay Factors to Consider has been recently released, a pdf version of the report is also available.

The report looks at the factors community leaders and elected officials might consider in deciding whether to support such an initiative, along with what its impact could be in terms of education policy, funding, outcomes and more. Using publicly available data, the report will analyze the following topics:

  • What is a school choice voucher program?
  • What can be learned from the choice programs in Milwaukee and Racine?
  • Is the school choice voucher program needed in Green Bay? How well are students — especially low-income students — achieving in the Green Bay Area Public Schools?
  • What local private school opportunities are available in Green Bay, and what are they like? Is there capacity to expand?
  • Does this existing Open Enrollment option provide a viable alternative to the choice program?

Upcoming CFPA Policy Snapshot reports will address the quality of education and government performance in Northeastern Wisconsin.