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Northeastern Wisconsin's Growth Agenda

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Chancellor Bruce Shepard presented "Northeastern Wisconsin's Growth Agenda"
to the UW System Board of Regents Business, Finance, and Audit Committee on Thursday, April 6, 2006.
The board held its April 2006 meetings on the UW-Green Bay campus.



Northeastern Wisconsin's Growth Agenda

What the Growth Agenda Means for UWGB

What is driving the Agenda?

The Growth Agenda...Why Now?

UW-Green Bay Today

It's About Our Region's Future

A Region in Economic Transition

Northeastern Wisconsin: A Rising Economic Star for Wisconsin

Region in Demographic Transition

Diversity Plan 2008
Phuture Phoenix

Looking Even Deeper: Who succeeds at UWGB?

UWGB...A University in Demand

Connecting Learning to Life..."A Unique Education"

What is Happening at UWGB?

How will UWGB Grow?

Public Higher Education,
Private Higher Education,
K-12, Private Sector

Why Talk Growth Now?

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How do we make it so?

First a point critical to understand. The idea that there is a pool of qualified Wisconsin minority candidates out there waiting to get in is a myth, what my psychologist wife calls “magical thinking.”

We have to build the pipeline!

That is what the leaders of the communities of color in our area have told me, members of the Chancellor’s Communivty Diversity Council. And, that is what we have been about.

They said, “you must help us raise the aspirations of our youth.”

How do we do that?

Our answer is Phuture Phoenix.

We begin in the 5th grade of the “Title I” schools, the schools where moms and dads are least likely to have gone to college.

Tonight, you will learn more about this award-winning program.

This afternoon, I will simply relay the phone conversation I had with one of the grandmothers of a Phuture Phoenix participants. She had come to our campus with her granddaughter and called the next day to say, “mom and dad were working in a plant and could not go; they and I have never been on a college campus; Phuture Phoenix Day is exactly what my granddaughter needed; and why didn’t somebody think of this a long time ago?”

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